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Favorite App so far.... Developers please see link to Announcements above.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by punkzanyj, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Carl6

    Carl6 Member

    The only things that emit a GPS signal are GPS satellites in orbit. (Okay, other than some super secret government stuff.)

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  2. yadda yadda

    yadda yadda Member

    Incorrect. Anyone?
  3. Colonator

    Colonator Newbie

    "tikl" a great walkie talkie. the only catch is it only works on other andriod phone, Similar to the nextel push to talk feature Cool app.
  4. ewingr

    ewingr Android Enthusiast

    I have 79 apps installed. Here are my 9 top picks from those:

    56_kruiser's My Favorites

    9 total, 7 free (77%), 2 paid (22%), 4MB total size, $4.86 total price

    • Pure Calendar widget (agenda) : Very nice scrollable widget. Tried others, settled on this.
    • Screebl Lite - Save Power! : Working well on my Captivate. It's nice to have the screen stay on while workin on it, and then auto go off quickly if not.
    • Shazam : Amazing app. Definitly purchasing. I'm always wondering what the music is that I am hearing. Now I will know what artists I am enjoying when I go to purchase music.
    • Shopper : Love it. Installed it, tested by reading teh barcode on a bluetooth headset I purchased, and ended up taking it back and getting it a lot cheaper elsewhere.
    • SwiFTP FTP Server : Very handy. It's a pain to hook up to the PC with cable and hope it sees the phone. Now I just run this and FTP to it. If doing heavy downloading, such as moving a LOT of music to the SD card, it occasionally disconnects. But other than that, great app.
    • SystemPanel App / Task Manager : Must have app for anyone that is doing any kind of tweaking on the phone, and trying to improve performance.
    • Apps Organizer : This is an excellent tool. MAkes for much faster opening folders than native folders. And Titanium backup uses this to allow you to filter apps easier.
    • AndroMote Remote Control : I will like the app if I can get it to work. Keeps coming up with network errors, but all other network functions and apps work fine when this reports errors. Hoping to hear from them with a fix.
    • Dropbox : Very handy way to move files and have them backed up to the cloud, and multiple PCs / Phones.

    View this app list on AppBrain
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  5. jimantics

    jimantics Newbie

    Thanks scooz! I use batteryminder on my Motorola Cliq..... mostly for the status bar icon because gauge doesn't have one. The icon doesn't change color though........

    Not only a great app but friendly people too... I emailed the developer suggesting a color changing icon and quickly got the following reply:

    Hi Jim,

    and thanks you for your mail and feedback!

    We're currently looking into how to implement a feature like this. It is unfortunately a bit tricky since icons seem to require us to prefabricate (all combinations of) them which greatly affects application file size. Hopefully, the Android platform haven't closed all doors here, which we intend to find out. :)

    Best regards,

    Tobias @ Rollerbush
  6. Carl6

    Carl6 Member

    Okay, I'll accept "incorrect", if you would be so kind as to advise what items/types of equipment emit GPS signals?

    The government has the capability to jam/block GPS signals, and does so around selected "sensitive" locations. Other than that, anything else producing a signal on the same frequencies would interfere with GPS operation.

    There are some GPS related applications for the EVO (GPS Status and GPS Test are two examples) that will display the satellites and signals you are receiving. If there were interfering signals, I suspect you might be able to see some indication of that using a utility of that type.

    If not, then you need a spectrum analyzer capable of operating in the range of GPS signals, and a proper (and directional) antenna to isolate the direction of the signal. You should be able to pick up used equipment capable of doing that for under $10,000.
  7. navin

    navin Newbie

    My favorites :D:

    Book Reader - Kindle - like that I can change font colors and size
    Location? - Where - good for restaurants when on vacation
    Movies - Flixster
    Radio - Pandora, Sirius
    News - Cnet, USA Today
    File Mgmt - Astro, Dropbox (great for copying music to the phone)
    Sports - NFL Mobile - has potential but $10 per month starting 9/1 will ruin it.
  8. yadda yadda

    yadda yadda Member

    Joe Bloggs can now buy small tracker devices which when activated emits a gps signal which can be tracked. I thought there'd be an app for detecting nearby sources.
  9. atstodd

    atstodd Lurker

    Most of those devices Recieve GPS signals but then Transmit in some other form like SMS, or GSM. I don't know anything that will Transmit GPS except a satellite. I don't know everything so I could be wrong.

    Favorite free apps:
    Advanced Task Killer- Helps save battery by killing apps you are not using.
    Aldiko- book reader, i've only dowloaded the free "classics" so far. lots off material to read!
    My tracks- good for logging my mountain bike riding.

    Favorite Paid App:
    NavDroyd - Needs GPS only, no data connection required once you download the basemaps you will need. I used it successfully on my last trip to Germany where I had no cell service.
  10. Carl6

    Carl6 Member

    I work with specialized search and rescue tracking equipment, specifically designed to track those types of devices. They do NOT transmit GPS signals. They receive GPS signals and transmit a location via SMS, cellular, or regular radio (VHF or UHF) signals.

    Depending on the brand and model, some of those can be tracked on-line via a web interface. Some require very specialized (and expensive) receiving equipment that can do directional tracking.
  11. Nash888

    Nash888 Lurker

    My favorite app is Theft Aware. It also supports SMS Popup and the like. Really cool stuff!
  12. saxo

    saxo Lurker

    Hi all, newbie to the site!

    If you're in the UK, NHS Near is a great app, turn your GPS on & it'll tell you where your nearest Doctor / Hospital / Dentist / Pharmacy etc is. Great if you've moved to a new area or something and you need to find NHS services. :D
  13. phonemypc by far the best
  14. Ringdroid, Shazam and Alchemy. :)
  15. coey

    coey Lurker

    Practical -
    ANDOZE - Sleep timer to fall asleep to music
    ALARM CLOCK PLUS - wake up to music and a math problem to make it stop. I set like 5 of these and it still only wakes me up about 1/2 the time, but its much more efficient than plain alarm clock
    DELETE OLD MESSAGES - Was essential, as the messaging app took forever to open threads. Does what you imagine.

    Games -
    ABDUCTION - Get a cow to a UFO. Addicting
    ROBO DEFENSE - addicting. Keep robots from invading your castle
    GEM MINER -Find gold, iron, etc. addicting.
    FISH FOOD - Big fish eat small fish... and eventually explode
    KEEPY UPPY - Don't drop the ball

    Cool Stuff -
    Sky map, GPS Test (displays satellite info, speed)

    Just mentioning my favorites that have been less mentioned in this thread. This thread is awesome and provided me at least 7 new apps which seem rather promising. THANKS
  16. stainlessray

    stainlessray Android Enthusiast

    not to stray from the topic, but i think this qualifies for the thread...

    Does anyone know of a good FREE ftp client for the PC? I'm using a trial of SmartFTP, and can not justify buying it right now. I have a great FTP program on the phone, just need the client
  17. bengele

    bengele Lurker

    I use this one FileZilla - The free FTP solution
  18. tenkainen

    tenkainen Newbie

    Haven't had problems with FileZilla.
    FileZilla - The free FTP solution

    Couldn't be simpler.

    Slow. Sheeeeeeeeit.
  19. mrqs

    mrqs Android Expert

    windows 7 explorer :)
  20. damianpadden

    damianpadden Lurker

    Gym Babes. Hope they add some more babe and interaction and different excersizes.....defo a winner in the office.
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  21. DROIDing

    DROIDing Android Enthusiast

    I won't even own an Android device for six more days (when the Droid 2 is released), and I already have a favorite app! http://android-wifi-tether.googlecod...2_0_5-pre1.apk

    It allows your rooted device to broadcast in INFRASTRUCTURE mode... meaning it IS NOT seen as an Ad-Hoc from other devices - so PS3, Wii, and Xboxs can now get online to battle against your friends with only a cell phone!! :)
  22. indigon

    indigon Newbie

    Great thread, Thanks to everyone..
    -New here but here's a few I like..
    (All free!)


    Gesture Search & Gesture Search Bar (enables it with long press on Search Button)

    Jorte (Excellent Calendar-Organizer)

    Gauge Battery Widget [1x1 or 2x1 - excellent widget]

    Date Staus Bar (Puts a tiny date in top left notification bar)

    Battery Status (Color tiny battery % indicator icon in top left notification bar)

    Memory Status [1x1 widget]

    Hour Signal (hourly watch-like beep-beep at the top of hour)

    ZP Compass - Sun Moon (Cool sun/moon compass with a month-view moon phase calendar)

    SunMoon (Very fast Sunrise/Set & Moonrise/Set/Phase summary)

    Tide Prediction

    GPS Status (Best GPS satellite status map - Sat Compass)

    DigiClock (Nicely done widget with large selection of digital clocks)

    PicSay (Picture editor)

    Color Dictionary (Fast -on SD Card w/plugins Thesaurus - Wikipedia - Translate etc.)

    SportsTap (-Almost football season!)
  23. ck4794

    ck4794 Well-Known Member

    adw.launcher! it's a homescreen replacement. i thought i'd seen a new wave of customization when i bought the phone, well adw.launcher blew that out the water. and it's free! i can customize just about everything with it. and NOW i have my phone just the way i want if, after months of reconfiguring once a week (though i've said that before and will probably reconfigure it again in a week)
  24. Rhiannon224

    Rhiannon224 Well-Known Member

    I am a proud owner of a new Samsung Captivate. I love Adroid, this is the best phone I've ever had and my first smart phone.

    So far, in my first two weeks of use my favorites are
    Webshare- my 1st paid app and I can't believe it's only $2.99, I highly recommend this app to anyone that want to instantly transfer files from their laptops to their smart phone without the use of annoying usb cables using your wifi network. Awsome app! A must have!
    Ringdroid- I love making my own rintones using music files stored on my sd card and it's free.
    Google Skymaps- even works inside, lol, I realized this accidentally.
    Shazam- I love to show this off at work although, it dosen't always recognize music if there is too much backround noise and the app can't be blamed for that.
    Espn Scorecenter- I can track baseball scores without changing channels and it is most useful when I am not at home
    Sportstap gives real time play by play which is awsome when I am not at home I am a baseball fiend.
    Advanced Task Killer really saves my battery
    ShopSavy is a real time saver and $ saving app.
    Where's My Droid- I am famous for leaving my phone on vibrate while I am at work and I forget to turn the ringer back on and then I can't find my phone, my droid is always by my side so I don't think I'll need to use it.

    I'm not rooted yet, I need to use the device more and I need to know what I am doing so that I don't brick my brand new $600 device, I swore I'd never by an expensive mobile device but I couldn't resist. I am so glad I broke my rule. I plan to root as soon as Froyo update comes out for my Samsung, I will update off market apps after rooted. I already got AppBrain to find off Market apps. I'll take recommendations on where to locate after market apps for after I root.
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  25. braj

    braj Android Enthusiast

    Inserty ~ insert commonly used text clippings, maybe a little cumbersome but it works well for me.
    Nudnik ~ add much better alarm functionality to the calendar app
    3banana ~ much better IMO than Evernote.
    iReader ~ works great with straight txt files as well as .pdb files
    Libra ~ need to lose weight, this is simple and works well for me
    cloudlist ~ still testing it out but my wife is liking the web app, she can add things to a shopping list for me from her office.
    CalWidget ~ makes the calendar bearable for me
    GTasks ~ should be standard
    SystemPanel ~ should be standard too
    ZebraPaint ~ easy to quiet a 7 year old
    PaintJoyPro ~ nice to draw flowers to send to my wife

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