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Favorite/least favorite phone

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Powerlimes, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Powerlimes

    Powerlimes Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just list favorite/least favorite. Don't necessarily have to be Android OS, but you do have to have owned the phone for a period of time. Give me reasons too! :D

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    My Favourite is a toss up between my current, the Z1 & the Desire HD. The Z1 because it's a beast and the Desire HD because it was my first Android handset. It was the hardest I've had to root, but had awesome dev support (and still does to this day).

    The worst is probably the LG Viewty, it ended up taking a bath. The only time I haven't been beefed about breaking a phone irreparably.
  3. Powerlimes

    Powerlimes Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My favorite is the LG G2, because its the first real good handset. My least favorite is my Galaxy Ace IIx because it just plain sucked. :p
  4. First good phone that I had: HTC One, Sprint.
    Least favorite: iPhone. (Any gen.)

    1. HTC One has great dev support. And Sprint :D.
    2. iPhones have that ugly beast we call today "iOS 7.1".
  5. !on

    !on Android Expert

    Faves (novelty):

    Moto V50, green screen (visible in daylight), WAP, tiny flip phone, shiny black keys

    Bosch 509e, first phone, a brick but quite slim, transparent orange case lights up when receiving calls, large rubber keys

    Siemens C45, tiny phone with WAP, just felt 'right'

    Best: Moto Defy (current), longest surviving 3yrs +, android

    Worst: Nokia 5110, horrible plastic brick thing with weird a-symeticral keypad
  6. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Favourite: Current Samsung Galaxy Win Duos. It's only a mid-range phone, don't really need anything more fancy like NFC or anything like that. But it's exactly the right size for me and seems to work very well, likely to keep it for maybe 2 years, perhaps longer.

    Least favourite: Fake Vertus. I see them everywhere, I just think why bother you're not fooling anyone.
  7. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Android Expert

    Close call for worst, either this:


    Which was so bad, I've never had another Samsung, or this:


    .. which was so poorly built the hinge kept breaking time and again .. and Moto wanted to charge about as much to repair it as they charged for a new phone .. every time. Never had another Moto, either ..

    Best is easy: my current N4 .. obviously :D
  8. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    Favourite: the Sony Z5. A fully HTML-compliant web browser and POP3 email client, 7-way "jog dial" for easy navigation, and small enough to fit in the coin pocket of a pair of Levi 501s. I still have it, along with the extended battery back and PCMIA card/software for PC sync..... and it still works! :)

    Worst: SE W800i: an insurance replacement for a lost K750i, but hated from the moment I saw it's fugly orange backlit buttons. It died of 9mm overdose at the hands of a reconditioned 1916 Luger. Very messily...... :D

    Honourable Mentions: the Motorola V3..... still one of THE coolest handsets ever made. Another that I still break out now and again for kicks. And my old Samsung GS2, for taking almost three years of flashing custom ROMs, kernels and mods without a whimper. That beast could NOT be killed.... loved it.
  9. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ...eschew obfuscation...

    Favorite - Motorola Droid (OG) - this was the first smartphone I used where I felt they "got it right" and I really had no idea what Android was at the time, I just bought into the hype from VZW / Moto advertising blitz

    Least Favorite - Motorolla Q - what I said about them getting it right with the OG Droid, they, um, didn't with the Q.
  10. HanSolo

    HanSolo Android Expert

    I've had roughly 8 phones in the last year.

    Favorite: Note 3. Brightest, most gorgeous display I've come across yet. Very responsive, fast, and just an awesome experience. I normally don't like TouchWiz, but with so much screen real estate on this monster, it is not very intrusive and I don't feel the need to rom the device or even to use a 3rd party launcher like Nova. S-Pen functions make it stand out above the rest.

    Least favorite: Actually this is pure, out and out hatred. iPhone 5S. When it was jailbroken, I decided to try it. I was curious about the fingerprint scanner, speed of the OS, and the excellent camera. I tried reading an ebook on it and I got a migraine. Going from a glorious huge screen to that tiny thing was torture. iOS 7 is full of milky white garbage that burns your eyes. Texting at night, in bed, is a horrible experience because the entire room is bathed in the white garbage. There is no difference (to me) in speed or smoothness, except for a tiny bit in web scrolling. Camera is excellent, but the bad FAR outweighed the good. I just hated it with such a passion. I ran to the Apple store to return it. They didn't have the cash available. I waited for two hours until they did.
  11. Stuntman

    Stuntman Android Expert

    Favourite is the Samsung Galaxy S3. Still using it after a year and a half. I'll probably use it for another year or more even.

    My previous favourite was the Nokia 6126 flip phone. It has a button that you can press that makes it flip open like the old Star Trek TOS communicator. Closing it loads the spring which the button releases to make the phone flip open.

    My least favourite phone was the Nokia N97. It was sluggish and buggy. I used it only for 7 months before I got sick of it and bought a new one. As bad as this phone was, it had some nice features. 32GB of storage back in 2009 was almost unheard of. It has a great landscape slider keyboard. Ovi Maps on it was a great mapping app that works offline and has lane guidance. It also has an FM transmitter. I currently still use it just as a music player because of the FM transmitter.

    ZORPRIME Newbie

    I HATE AND MEAN HATE THE IPHONE will never get another im so happy with my note 3, I couldnt ask for anything more other than that a second chace with my X-
  13. Stannis the Mannis

    Stannis the Mannis Rapscallion

    My favourite is the LG G2 - amazing phone.

    My least favourite would have to be the Motorola ROKR Z6.


    I dunno if I had a defective unit but the battery life was atrocious (wouldn't last a day). I had constant freezes and the middle button gave out after only 3 or 4 months. And I remmeber one time the phone just froze and when I rebooted, all my SD card files were deleted.
  14. zipred

    zipred Android Expert

    My fav: Nexus 5

    Worst: iPhone 5S

    A very close second: Note 3
    If it was bloat-free, it would tie the N5.
  15. saptech

    saptech Android Expert

    I've only had 2 and the Moto G is the best...I would have to say the Stratosphere is the worst, but it served me well for the past 2 years.
  16. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Extreme Android User


    Gotta give it credit. Ours is a TMO silver one bought used in 2008. Still going.

    I liked the Nexus S, but am not crazy about the LG Nexus 4. Decent phone, I just don't like the feel of the thing.
  17. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Android Expert

    For me, that was the N95 8GB which arrived pretty much bug free (more than a minor miracle with Nokia at the time) and had every significant feature you get on today's smartphones - except a touch screen - about 18 months before the first iPhone.

    I wound up keeping mine for like 3 years waiting for a phone that was an actual improvement on it - that turned out to be the (UK) HTC Desire, essentially HTC's version of the original Nexus.

    Before that I had an N80 which just missed as it was crazy buggy, a bit slow and didn't have in-built GPS (though I bought an external BT GPS and Route 66 so got pretty effective turn-by-turn).

    Re the iPhone 5s: leaves me a bit cold, but I can't hate it. My missus has one and it basically does what it says on the tin. The camera and battery life are excellent, it's very well built and doesn't look too bad - if a bit dated (like indistinguishable from her 5), maybe.

    Don't know what all the fuss is about the new 'look' OS: it's just a few marginally different icons but still the same (stultifyingly boring) layout. Only downside I see is that, being used to my N4, the screen does feel way small, I grant .. oh, and it's forgotten my fingerprint :eek:
  18. Clementine_3

    Clementine_3 Extreme Android User
    VIP Member

    This. For me. Exactly. That was a great phone. I actually still have mine and use it as a radio for my birds, it's their favorite too :p
    I have a Moto X now, and honestly, it's truly a great phone so my current favorite.

    Least favorite was a Samsung Rouge, I really wanted to like that phone but it got hot against my cheek and couldn't hold a signal long enough to complete a call. The touch display was hit or miss with responsiveness too. I returned my first one and the second was no better. Good thing the OG Droid was on the horizon, activated an old flip phone and waited patiently for a real smartphone.
  19. Wilkas

    Wilkas Android Enthusiast

    My favourite is the HTC One I currently have although I did have a soft spot for the One X I had previously (not an htc fan boy, just liked the past couple) My least favourite is tied between my work LG Optimus 8X (crap battery, performance & looks) and the iPhone 5 I was recently borrowed off my carrier while my One was in for repair for a faulty receiver (how are these things so popular it was terrible!)
  20. BryanBreezy

    BryanBreezy Newbie

    My favorite would have to be: Samsung Galaxy S4, which is my current phone as well.

    The worst phone I ever had would probably be the ZTE Merrit through Net10. I had it for a brief time, and it was actually one of my first phones. Ended up breaking a few months after I purchased it, the battery died out and my charger stopped charging. Never went back to Net10.
  21. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    My favorite phone is from HTC - The Evo line. I currently have an HTC Evo 4g lte and an HTC One. ;)

    My least favorite phone I ever owned was from Palm.

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