Root Favorite ROMs?


Hey all, I'm updating my girlfriends incredible which she has (finally) agreed to put a custom rom on and tweak her phone a bit. Now I have never had this phone myself so I am not familiar with what is good and what is not, though I did put cyanogenmod on it a long time ago and she thought it was too "different". What are some good roms that add features without being too radical of a departure from stock to ease her in?

Also, are there any decent ICS roms and do they run smoothly?


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well i would give cm7 another shot super awesome! if nt then try aokp ics roms smooth on mi dinc... for ics :D if nt try miui iphone interface o_O (personally don't like) bt yea tryem all try cm7 nd try to make it feel like stock maybe she'll like it?


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....then try aokp ics roms smooth on mi dinc... for ics :D

If she actually uses the phone, then I would suggest against AOKP's ICS. I'm wiping it as I type this putting stock plus back on it. It was shiny and fun, but buggy as hell and not ready for prime time on my phone.