Favorite Widgets and Apps?


I have had my Inc for a few weeks and am still trying to fill up screens and get things set up just the way I want them. I know there have been threads like this in the past, but most of them were from LONG before we got our phones. Since things seem to change frequently I figured I would pick everyone's brains and see what they like. So, what are your absolute favorite apps and widgets...those you can't live without.


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I tried filling all my screens up too....because it's fun, but the novelty wore off for me. Everyone is different right! I now use LauncherPro Beta and have 3 screens. I use Better Smaller Home on home screen and within that widget I can launch weather channel, desk/night clock, and calender/agenda. The bottom is stock with LP beta and has apps, handcent/msging, internet, contacts, and dialer

On my other 2 screen I have pandora widget, vlingo, audio manager, and my most frequent used apps/folders. Nice, clean, and simple :D

Swype would be difficult to live without

One day I will learn to take screenshots :p