Favorites Issue After Update


After the update when i hit the phone icon, the "favorites" icon used to be at the bottom right after the green call tab. now there is an icon for call history.

i cannot for the life of me get it back. verizon says it was lost after the upgrade. i put the "people" icon on my now when i need to call a friend who is on my "favorite" list, i hit that icon, it brings me to all contacts and at the bottom i then have to depress favorites which brings up groups, then hit favorites. like 4 steps to make a phone call --- ouch?

anybody figure out how to get the favorite icon back on the phone screen?


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Yep, noticed that too... however, Google must have remembered that they were my "favorites" because they were synced back as such so when I added the people widget, they are all there. However, there is no way that I have found to do any editing of my favorites except to go into my gmail account.

I also noticed the People widget has larger gaps in between each contact icon, so the bottom row is half way cut off.
The "People" screen had five tabs in 1.5: All, Groups, Call history, Favorites, Updates and events. The favorites tab is no longer there after the 2.1 upgrade.
Secondly, (and this is a real mystery!) the Favorites screen (one of the seven in the HTC scene setting) only seems to hold nine contacts. In 1.5 I had a dozen of the people I call most often on this screen. Every time I try to add another contact, one I've already saved disappears!
Yes, I too want the favorites icon back. And I'd like the bug fixed that allows more contacts on the favorites screen.