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FB camera shortcut missing/not receiving notifications

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by munchycrunchy, May 5, 2012.

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    So I have the Samsung Replenish, just got it a couple weeks ago. I installed the FB app for Android from Google Play as soon as I got my phone. It was working fine, except I wouldn't receive notifications even though I had all the boxes checked to receive them as well as all of my FB alerts on. The only FB notifications I would receive was when someone in a specific group I was a part of would post in that group.

    Today I updated my FB app and I am now missing the shortcut to my FB camera. I understand that I can still go to the actual FB app and click upload photo and do that whole process, but I just want to know what happened to my shortcut because it made uploading photos super quick and easy since I didn't have to log into my FB through the actual app. After realizing this, I uninstalled all FB related apps on my phone - including Messenger - and then shut my phone off, turned it on, and then reinstalled FB and FB Messenger thinking this would restore my FB camera shortcut. I am still missing the FB camera shortcut as well as I am still not receiving notifications. :( What do I do? And where did my FB camera shortcut go? Please help!!

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