May 9, 2010
Toronto (Mississauga)
A bit of background, I'm a newbie to Android using an unlocked Milestone from Telus on Rogers network. Phone works perfectly but when I go to use Facebook, the message below says "download Facebook for your Nexus One"
is this something like a Nexus One software was used as some kind of template on my Milestone? Sort of like a Nexus One theme overtop a Milestone HW? Any idea?
just curious if anyone has some sound explanation for it.

LOVIN' Android BTW... I used to have an iPhone before this and I think Android is on pace to become better than the iPhone OS.
FB is just stupid and thinks that every single phone with Android 2.1 is a Nexus One.

The END.

The sad part of the American market. Android phone = Nexus One.

If you're using a Milestone, they automatically think you're on the Droid. If you were using an HTC Android phone pre-N1, it was either a mystery phone or a mistakened-for-iPhone.