Shortly after the announcement from Google about closing Greader, I opted for Feedly as the replacement. I realized that the Reader may not be fully compatible With Greader in terms of functionality. However, by now Feedlay starts to irritate me. The problem seems related to the huge cache it leaves behind and opening different web pages as one reads the news. I use Feedly scanning the headlines, and when I want to open a new website it brings me back to the one I just read. The settings are open web site directly but still it gives me the wrong website. Any ideas, comments? Obviously, I can find another reader, which might be outcome of this but I would like to solve this if possible. Machines are UN-rooted Samsung Tab7,2 and Samsung Galaxy SIII, both running Android 4.1.2. TIA Torben


Psychotic Female
I don't generally read the news on my phone, but I keep the NBC Chicago app on my phone for times when we're stuck in traffic, bored in a waiting room for an appointment or what have you.

As for Feedly, been using that on my PC since it first came out in beta and I absolutely love it. If there are things that you don't like with the app, send feedback to the developer. They seem very attuned to what their user base wants, and they cannot fix anything or make it better without constructive, well thought out, and well written user feedback.