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FeedR News Reader: A simple yet very powerful app for viewing news.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Heliox, Jun 7, 2010.

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    When it comes to RSS feeds, Android has many options, some included with a particular OS on your device, and others downloaded or purchased from the Market. So naturally, when it came time for me to select a reader, I had many options available to me. One of the first options that came to me was FeedR News Reader, available for $1.99 in the Market.

    FeedR News Reader is a very simple, yet very powerful interface for viewing all of your favorite news feeds. The first big impression it made with me was the fact that you could categorize all of your feeds however you chose. For example, I've got all of my local and national news in one category, all of my tech and PC news in a second category, and of course, all of my Android news in the last category. Each category can be ordered however you wish, as well as color coded for ease of viewing. What's more, you can also opt to store your cache on your SD card, allowing for more news to be saved to the reader at one time.

    The app can be set to update automatically, at specified intervals, and even notify you of recent news. Additionally, FeedR includes a widget, which is also customizable, and allows you to display recent news right from your home screen. Last, but certainly not least, is the ability to integrate with Google Reader, and Sync all of your feeds with Google Reader as well so that switching between a PC and your Android device is a very seamless operation.

    Overall, FeedR is an unquestionably feature rich news reader with seamless Google Reader integration and the ability to search for feeds on a website rather than needing to know the exact XML address. It operates perfectly every time, and has become a part of my daily routine just as much as my morning coffee. In my opinion, the $1.99 was money that was well spent and honestly quite cheap for everything included in the app.


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