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I just found out that my company is going to give me a new phone in January. I'm not going to need my rezound and am thinking of selling it. It's in pristine condition with 0 scratches on the screen or anywhere else. The phone probably has two battery cycles on it!!

I'd be looking to get around 450. My wife used the box to wrap an Xmas present but I'm selling the phone, charger and beats headphones.

My wife wants a white droid incredible 2 or a white iPhone 4s, so if anyone has one of those I'd be willing to do a swap plus cash.

I will be more than happy to send anyone interested pics, answer any questions etc. I've been selling on ebay for years and have 100% positive feedback. I'll do whatever you need to make you feel comfortable with the transaction. I'm not looking to scam anyone, I'm not going to ask you to gift me the money on paypal. I only use paypal, that way we are both protected.

Let me know if you're interested. I love the phone, but don't see holding on to it if I'm not gonna use it.


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That is cool that your work will be hooking you up. Hopefully you will be able to sell the RZ easily. If you would like you could also post over in the classified section of AF. It may get more exposure there.

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good luck selling it. Its a great phone.


I issue out phones at work and I also have a company provided phone thus I will tell you what I tell everyone that I issue the phones out to. The phone is being issued out just like any other company provided property. If we issue you out a laptop then you need to use it for company business only. I know people tend to use their company equipment for personal use and in all honesty I'm not a stickler about it. What typically happens, when the company decides that it needs to make job cuts then all bets are off. If a manager finds you surfing on the internet then rather than laying you off, they'll just fire you. The company doesn't have to pay for any unemployment claims or a severance package if you're fired.

As the onsite IT admin, I have access to who you may call on that phone, who you text, and if it was necessary, what you text, what websites you surf, etc etc. Personally, what I would do is drop my voice plan to the lowest plan offered, if you're on Verizon's unlimited plan, I would keep that. My company phone, I wouldn't even use it for Facebook. I had to swap out one woman's iPhone because it was defective, and as soon as I fixed it and cranked it up, it connected to the company's Wifi and all her facebook information started filling out. If I were you I'd consider keeping a personal phone on hand. What if you get sick of your current job? Are you going to give prospective employers your company's phone number? Oh and that's the other thing I have access to, people's voicemail...I'm worse than that defunct Fox newspaper in England...

For the record I wouldn't violate someone's space like that unless someone in management instructed me that records needed to be accessed for business reasons.


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I appreciate your feedback but I think I know what I'm doing. My company allows me to use the phone however I want including personal use. Thanks for your concern though