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Feeling appreciated

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Chrissysangels, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Chrissysangels

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    Yes!! Let's celebrate, one year this week and I was only disconnected once. 😂
    Keep it up Xfinity. That's all we crave is your loyalty, show some compassion, and work openly with us. The communication is there and it's there in English ,easy to connect live for help. Your employees stepped it up with treating one individual at a time.
    Flashback: prior employees leave you on hold an hour to only disconnect you at 5 pm on a Sat. To only disconnect and leave you without service an additional 48 hrs.
    It's this change, I experienced past year that makes a bill worth paying for. Like it's deserving. You get it!!
    I'm still trying to resolve a passed issue but I can't have it all 😂😂 Keep it up, never thought it would be possible. Totally thought everyone got lost rolling in our Penny pinching savings.
    Also I like the note 8
    Just let me know where to find That lol. Since im a proud,up to snuff bill payer , I'll probably qualify a payment plan. I really love that phone. Last note I had was 3 and miss that. Ok enjoy!! Hope everyone is starting or has started experiencing the positive change I have.

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