Help Few questions regarding Galaxy S and Tmo


Hi guys, first time poster. Been looking to swap from my iPhone to an android based phone for awhile now. Was browsing the Samsung Galaxy S website for a month now and my friend finally got a Vibrant and made me want to make the jump immediately. Main problem I am having is that I have the tzone 5.99 plan from Tmobile and I've been reading that if I buy a Tmobile branded phone be it the Vibrant or anything else, they will read the IMEI and disable tzones from working.. Was wondering if it is possible to get the Galaxy S from either Bell Canada or the Euro version i9000 and have it work with the tzones on 3g speeds? I also prefer the 3 button setup and front facing camera over the dialed down version of 4 buttons with no camera.. Thanks for the replies :) I'll keep lurking about the forums some more.