Help few questions


well im prob gonna buy the phone but i need some help with this

now online
how much is it or do u got to pay

i dont got an upgrade
so if i use like my grandpas upgrade can i buy it off his then setup phone with my number

also on
the droid says 100 doller discount
but why
if i go to store it will be 300

so pls if u can help me it be great


Android Expert
You would be best directed to ask Verizon these questions as they will be the one to charge you so would be the one to tell you what the amount would be, why it would be, and how to lower it.

Online usually does "instant rebates" instead of a mail-in one. You could also go to Best Buy IF you qualify for an upgrade (using your grandpa's or someone elses) and get it for $200 with no mail-in rebate to deal with.