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Few questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mattias, May 26, 2010.

  1. Mattias

    Mattias Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi people.

    So I am getting my desire anytime soon.

    I know the battery life is bad, so how do i format the battery on htc desire?

    Do I need to turn on, delete any apps to save the battery life, if so what apps?

    Can I get any free sat nav on it? What is the choice, which one is the best?

    Just got it, opened the box and hey its supossed to be brown, it looks purpure to me :rolleyes:

    Can I change that ugly front panel?

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  2. carperkm

    carperkm Member

    You'll grow to love it. Google maps and navigation are free and superb.
  3. Sybex

    Sybex Newbie

    Battery life is NOT bad on the Desire, remember the Desire is a Smartphone
  4. d.knight99

    d.knight99 Android Enthusiast


    1.) Battery life -

    Not bad at all. You can do a couple of basic things to make it last a little longer like disabling live wallpapers, tuning your syncing options to be less frequent (weather, facebook, email etc) This can all be done in the settings. Other little things like switching off wi-fi and bluetooth when not using it. You will find the battery takes about a week to 'break in' but after that it's just fine. I don't understand what you mean by 'format the battery'??

    2.) Apps -

    Nope, don't bother with Task Killers either. Android is designed to give the user the illusion that apps are never actually closed. Which to a point is true, but it does it in a very sophisticated way. Task killers are a complete waste of time, effort and memory space.

    3.) Satnav -

    Google maps now has navigation built in. It's only beta but it's really good, that should satisfy your needs!

    4.) Front cover -

    No idea actually, I'm sure there's a disassembly video somewhere on youtube and you can probably buy new parts online too.

    Hope it helps.
  5. jred7469

    jred7469 Well-Known Member

    Its more like a computer! :D
  6. Mattias

    Mattias Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thats what i ment break in. How long for do I do deep charging and reachargin? And how long do I charge it for? Until the battery is full or do I keep it on charge for 6-12 hours at a time for first week ( or two? )

    What are the alternatives?
    I need one that speaks a lot so I dont have to look at it when I am riding my motorbike :D
    I will have a look, thanks.
  7. jred7469

    jred7469 Well-Known Member

    At the moment you cannot get the navigator instructions through a headset (unless your on a phonecall (BUG!)) but hopefully this will be fixed soon and different voices become available (the default is really annoying)
  8. d.knight99

    d.knight99 Android Enthusiast

    Ok well the battery should be fully charged the first time you get it. I just put mine on overnight and it was fine. I then just used it under normal conditions for about a week, charging whenever it needed it for as long as it needed it. 10 mins here, 2 hours there, overnight etc. Then after about a week or so of normal use I calibrated the battery by charging it right up to 100% then ran it till it literally died on me. Then I plugged it in and charged it back to 100%. Apparently, you shouldn't do this too often with li-ion batteries as it can damage them, but should be done every 6 months or so just to make sure it's using it's full capacity.

    That might be really terrible advice, but it didn't seem to do my device any harm. That should get you going!
  9. Mattias

    Mattias Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I noticed that I cannot acces Android marketplace
    Sorry, your wireless account does not have permission to access this application.

    I was down town so I step in to T-Mobile (UK) shop.
    I have been told that I have to set up a google acount (which I already done) and reboot the mobile 'take the battery for 2 minutes'.

    That didnt solve the problem. :rolleyes:

    help. :D

    The problem is now solved.
    I took the battery off for longer.

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