[FG8 Flying] SD doesnt work...

Hi, so, this is my first post here in the forums and i bring you a little problem, i have a FG8 flying, yeah an chinese android phone, 2.3.1 android inside, the problem i have with this phone is that the sd is not getting detected, i mean is there but the phone says that is not there for some reason.

I had this issue yesterday, the phone not even say it's corrupted or something, just don't read the sd it at all.

i have this phone for over 3-4 months now and this is the first time that this happen, any ideas of what could it be?

Here is some technical specifications if some of your are interested, anyway, thanks for read the post and, hi to everyone in this forum

Model A601
Android Version: 2.3.1
Build date: 01/09/2011 08:42:55

uff... well, i guess no one care


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So the SD card was working fine and it just stopped one day? Sounds like the SD card went bad. Cheap SD cards are known to do that. You can try to reformat it, though. Go into Settings > SD card. If the card is mounted, unmount it. Then there should be an option to Format SD card or Erase SD card, depending on your Android version. Either one will work. After that, try accessing the card again. If it errors out or you can't access it. It's a bad card.

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The sd card is fine, on the pc works just fine... so... i dont know what could it be....
On the phone there is not an option at all, i just dont know what happen with this phone, im guessing that is the phone not the sd...


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Interesting situation.

Do you move the card often to the PC? If yes, please inspect the pin connectors on the phone, maybe try a magnifying glass.

Also, in case the SD card is developing an intermittent failure, please back up the contents to the PC while you can.

Finally - homescreen, menu, settings - can you find an sd or storage options menu?

Usually there is one to allow an sd format. In the same place would be an option to mount the SD card manually.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the info above.

Looks like my SD Card has gone bad too... in the SD Card it says Total space: Unavailable" and the "Mount SD card" and "Format SD card" options are greyed out.

How do you get the SD card out of the phone? That's it just above the SIMs behind the battery, right? Doesn't look like there's enough room to slide it out, and the metal clip thing doesn't seem to unclip.