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Fierce update L2RUMR0

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xondrax, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. xondrax

    xondrax Newbie
    Thread Starter

    according this support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-7393 Fierce will got update via OTA
    This upsdate will provide fixes for 911 call failure issues and fix the issue with the device not powering on.
    but their document is totally weird:

    Software versions

    Android version 4.2.2 / Build number L2RUMR0 (Current)

    • Version
      • Android version 2.3.6 / Build number C85B845??????
      • Kernel version:
      • Baseband: 404026
      • Released 2/25/2013?!????

  2. ohmannuel

    ohmannuel Newbie

    To be clear and since I'm a noob, will this affect a merto user? Another question if there ever is an update for metro users (like me), how do I update if I'm rooted?
  3. xondrax

    xondrax Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I dont know if this update is all Fierce generally or just for T-Mobile
  4. xondrax

    xondrax Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Anyone got this update to phone?Trying for two days,but still nothing...
  5. momentoid

    momentoid Android Enthusiast

    Same here.

    Error message says: "Error happens: Last error is AUTHENTICATION."
  6. ohmannuel

    ohmannuel Newbie

    I was getting that same error when I just got my phone. Never fixed, I just rooted instead.
  7. momentoid

    momentoid Android Enthusiast

    Yes, my phone has been giving that error message since the day I got it. I read that rooted phone will not get OTA updates. In any case, I'm on T-Mobile, it may be different for Metro PCS devices.
  8. tindodger

    tindodger Member

    I just got the update it installed Google drive and play games
  9. tindodger

    tindodger Member

    I just got the update it installed Google drive and play games
  10. tindodger

    tindodger Member

    They also changed the signal bars

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  11. momentoid

    momentoid Android Enthusiast

    Good, finally we hear from one user who successfully updated.

    tindodger, was it an OTA update using: Settings > About Phone > System Update > Check for software updates?
  12. tindodger

    tindodger Member

    No I received it as a notification on my status bar from T-Mobile. "T-Mobile- there is a firmware update available for your device" not exactly what it said but I remember as it said something like that
  13. momentoid

    momentoid Android Enthusiast

    FYI, when I try the OTA, I no longer get ".. AUTHENTICATION ERROR." Now it is a message saying: "There are no updates available for your phone."

    Current version on my phone is L2HUMH2 and T-Mobile Support website says there is no update for phones with this version.

    1. Does anyone else have a phone with L2HUMH2 version?
    2. Why would phones with T-Mobile logo be sold with different versions of firmware?
  14. xondrax

    xondrax Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have L2HUMH2 version to,but still getting an "AUTHENTICATION ERROR" ...
  15. tindodger

    tindodger Member

    Couple of days ago I tried updating but got the authentication error, and yesterday was when I got the notice from T-Mobile ,
  16. ohmannuel

    ohmannuel Newbie

    I have the metro version M27UP73 and I'm still getting the ".. AUTHENTICATION ERROR" Wonder if this update is only T-mobile.
  17. Mikito1976

    Mikito1976 Android Enthusiast

    Same here.
  18. xondrax

    xondrax Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So we dont have T Mobile Firmware?!?The manufacter cannot update your software?wtf??!?
  19. momentoid

    momentoid Android Enthusiast

    WTF, indeed.

    1. The box says "T...Mobile"
    2. the phone's back-cover is stamped "T...Mobile"
    3. the phone is pre-loaded with T-Mobile apps (bloatware).

    Who decides "Your phone has non-T-Mobile software, and it is unsupported. The manufacturer and T-Mobile cannot update your software."? :thinking:
  20. xondrax

    xondrax Newbie
    Thread Starter

    And is locked to T Mobile ofcourse... :mad:
  21. TechSys

    TechSys Member

    Nothing on mine says T-Mobile, anywhere. Even the box said MetroPCS. :)
  22. momentoid

    momentoid Android Enthusiast

  23. BlueWavePR

    BlueWavePR Lurker

    Hello everyone,
    This is my first post ever. I'll greatly appreciate your help!
    Today I woke up and got a Tmobile notification in the status bar that there was an update to the phone. I clicked on it and said it would take about 10 minutes. I left it there for a while, restarted a few times but then the screen stood black. I cant see anything on the screen. The light turns on. If I tap the home button or anyplace elses on the screen it responds but I don't get any image. The only way I can see whats on the screen is if I leave the power button pressed. When I do this, the screen s turns on, shows everything in the background and gives me the options to power off, restart, etc.

    Please help! The phone was working fine just b4 I tapped for update!

  24. tindodger

    tindodger Member

    Have you tried restarting the phone?

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