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Figuring Voicemail and its settings.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Shutech, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Shutech

    Shutech Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok I went from an OG droid to a Droid RAZR then 3 months later to a DROID RAZR MAXX complements of washing the Droid RAZR.

    So pretty much this is my first experience with Motoblur and bloatware on a Verizon Android phone.

    My problem is figuring out Voicemail.

    On my OG I could go to settings and then go to Voicemail settings and add a few pauses and then my pin and # sign.

    Then when I dialed voicemail from the built in voicemail it would put in my pin automatically I also modified the contact Voicemail to do the same. So p[rettymuch anyway I did voivcemail on my OG it dialed voicemail and entered my pin for me.

    Well it seems that My RAZR MAXX I can't get some of this accomplished.

    Voicemail is a VERIZON generated contact and the number is uneditable fropm contacts you have to edit it in settings.

    I can go settings-->call settings and the first group is voicemail.

    I Have Voicemail as MY Carrier
    Second Option is Voicemail settings and the box that pops up is the *86 which I have added two pauses and my pin****and the #
    Set Default Voicemail is set to Voicemail
    Set roaming Voicemail is set to Voicemail

    Now what this does and does not do.

    In my contacts the Verizon Voicemail contact has what I set in the settings The *86,,****# and it will change with the settings.

    I Have a Voicemail shortcut.

    When I click on it it gives me a summary of new voicemails and a button to call Voicemail and a button to subscribe Visual Voicemail I can not get it to bypass this and dial voicemail directly..

    If I hit the call Voicemail shortcut button It calls voicemail but does NOT enter in my pin automatically. Also if I Voice Dial same thing. It calls Voicemail but no Pin.

    This is a problem for Me. I am guessing this is a crappy Motoblur thing. anyway to fix it to do what I want?


    If I want top add a Voicemail shortcut my only option is to go to Add to Home--> Shortcuts choose the shortcut voicemail which instead of dialing Voicemail it goes to the summary screen and the shameless plug button to sign up for Visual Vopicemail.

    If I go to Add to Home--> Shortcuts-->app actions-->Direct dial The Voicemail Contact is LEFT OUT of the choices. ???????

    Without making a new contact that I could call messages and put in the *86,,****# and this would give me direct access to voicemail but an additional contact is there anyway to fix this Motoblur/Verizon Voicemail so that the shortcut for Voicemail will directly dial Voicemail iand it will enter in my pin if I either use the shortcut or use Voice Dial?

    Thank You


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  2. Baddawg

    Baddawg Newbie

    Yeah, I have the same problem too. Annoying.

    At first I wasn't paying attention as to why sometimes I would call vmail and it dialed my password and other times it didn't. ;)

    Would love to know how to adjust the shortcut (with the visual 'you have ## vmails') to also punch in my pin.
  3. joyceface

    joyceface Lurker

    I don't know if this will help but it took me a day to get his to work for mine:

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