File Browsing on PC or Mac


Can anyone recommend a file browser for PC or Mac? I have a rooted device, and a corrupt system file. I have a good copy of the file backed up, but I cannot transfer it to the device. It says I do not have root permission (although the device IS rooted)

AndroidCommander is NO help.

Is there something else that will allow me to transfer the good file into the system directory?



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Need more information. What is the Device?
Generally speaking if you want to transfer a file from a computer to a phone you connect the phone to the computer via USB cable in the Mass Storage option, your SD card is mounted as a drive on the computer where you can transfer files between the drives.

This is possible over WIFI with several apps that are either from the Market or Pre installed on your phone which use DLNA technology.

Need to know the "Device" for any further comment.