Sep 24, 2012
I have moved from a Galaxy S3 to the Samsung Note 8. Love it so far except for downloading files within a web browser. I've tried both the default browser and Opera.
I am an artist in 3D and occasionally share files with other artists, using some common file share websites such as Rapidshare etc.

This is the usual behavior on a regular PC:
1. Click the download link on the share website.
2. A countdown ensues, followed by a Captcha.
3. Capticha is entered followed which creates a final DOWNLOAD link.
4. Clicking the download link invokes a pop-up window asking where to save the file.
5. I choose the destination location on the HD, click SAVE and it downloads.

My S3 behaviour was similar, except skipping step 4, the file just simply began downloading into my card's "Download" folder without the "Save as" dialog. This worked fine.

My Note 8 is different. I click the DOWNLOAD link, and the browser automatically downloads the "Save as" HTML, not the file it points to.

Is there a fix for this? If you download from sharing websites, how do you save the file, not the dialog box htm?

Thanks in advance.