Android Expert
Nov 17, 2009
I got to really dig into the Droid yesterday at the VZW store. Checked out just about all of the menu settings, text messaging, a few apps, Google Search, voice commands and finally remembered to actually use the keyboard at length! (Forgot last time I went in LOL)

The text messaging seems ok, it looks like the type-in area could be a little bigger so you could see 1-3 lines, but I'm sure there are other SMS/MMS apps out there that improve on the stock app.

I didn't find out how to manage saved ringtones though. I wanted to forward the "DRRROOOOID" sound in an MMS but couldn't figure it out. Is there a file manager you're supposed to use, or do you need to download an app specifically for that?
the DROID sound is built into the filesystem on the ROM image. you won't be able to browse to this file without root access and even then, you'll have to use a command window to get to it.