Help File Organization and Movies

Johnny Cakes

Android Enthusiast
New to the "Smart Phone" scene. I have linked my Moment to my computer and had no problem dropping my MP3 collection onto the phone. Of course, that took up all the memory!

Here's the question -- how does the phone handle the SD card? In other words, can I just pop in a blank one and then transfer a movie to it (I'll be on a couple hour flight next week and I'd like something to watch).

With the phone automatically format the new SD card with the folders it expects to have available?

If I do swap out SD cards, does that mean I lose all my contacts? If I wanted to keep those, would I have to load them on each SD card?

Bottom line: how does the phone interact with the storage available on the SD card?


The contacts are stored in the internal memory. Swapping out SD cards does not effect the internal memory.

Not sure about movies, haven't tried it yet. There may be some codec issues, again not sure.

I did stick an SD card with data on it already and it didn't do anything - data was still there and accessible - no issues.