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File Structure

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by klintala, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. klintala

    klintala Newbie
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    Aug 10, 2011

    Aug 10, 2011
    I started a thread with D3 related issues over in the D3 forum..
    But not I have several question regarding android in general,
    So I figured I'd ask these here:

    1) Is there a good guide to the ins and out of androids file structure? I'm use to OSX, so I'm new to linux!
    I just noticed that some downloaded application files seemed strangely placed.
    like one pic app.. saved a picture right in the main directory.. not within any app folder.
    I don't want to double up on files.. and I want to know where everything is and goes!

    2) I just opened my gallery to find a picture of a random friend saved to my actual picture folder, along with a screen shot of a game a played earlier.
    as far as I know.. unrooted android can't even take screen shots, so i'm confused.
    and I have absolutely no Idea how my friend's picture got saved.
    Edit: Friends pic was in .thumbnail
    ^^found that the image was coming from WWF/FBImages.. I could understand maybe making a cache file or something, but it actually saved the thumbnail to my phone. How did it make its way to .thumbnails?
    do thumbnails automatically get copied into the .thumbnails folder? :thinking:

    3) also in .thumbnail were multiples of pictures I've taken with my camera.
    not sure why they are there.. and what I can/can't delete.

    2) Also I have an app (fat booth) that crashes when it tries to load a picture.. it worked the first time.
    I've tried uninstalling and installing, but it still crashed. It has good reviews so I'm guessing the problem is my phone.

    3) another question I've come across is.. picsay/recent has several .pxy files
    I'm guessing those are just information of recent tasks completed by that app, so they are safe to delete, correct?

    4) com.motorola.bluetooth is frequently running.. BlluetoothMapService, any ideas?
    also com.motorola.in.service MIMConnectivityService and RemoteImService
    com.motorols.process.system pollschedulerService
    ..all of the other ones have an obvious purpose.. but I can't determine those^, and if I should manually end them or not

    any help is appreciated.

    I've gone through my files via astro and googled everything I didn't know.
    Everything seems pretty straight forward.

    5) not too sure whats going on w/ the .motorolagalleryonlinecache folder ..is that the cache for all the images from Facebook that show up when I open my gallery? I'm not to fond of that.. if I wanted to look at FB pictures I'd open Facebook.. i open the gallery to look at MY gallery!

    and I'm guessing .taggedfriendphotos is where the tags are saved when I tag people in pictures??

    also burstlyImageCache.. couldn't seem to figure that one out.

    Thanks in advanced for any advice :)


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