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FileGo: A great app that gives you control over your files

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Jebus Christ, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Jebus Christ

    Jebus Christ Well-Known Member
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    Dec 22, 2009

    Dec 22, 2009
    Developer:MobGo Inc.
    Phone used for review:Rooted Sprint HTC Hero with 2.1 ROM.

    Product Description:
    FileGo is a total commander like resource management tool. You can use it to manage files, apps, process, and remote files.

    Right off the bat: This application basically allows you to access to almost every single file on your phone and sdcard. It offers a very clean and easy to use user interface. I was able to use it within seconds of downloading it without any major confusions. It makes accessing or performing certain actions easier and offers many things in one place. I'll talk more about this later.


    The main feature of this application is the ability to view and partially edit(rename, delete, etc) files on your sdcard. It offers it in a fashion compared to viewing the contents on your computer. You can open files using other programs or in some cases(for example pictures) directly through FileGo. The app also offers the ability to select multiple files at the same time and perform the same action to them. This allows you to easily delete multiple files instead of individually clicking and deleting every single one.

    FileGo also allows you to search for any file as well as giving you the ability to sort your files by multiple categories including : Name, Size, Time, and Type.

    Another great feature of the phone is that it not just a file reader. You can perform tasks easily here all in one place as opposed to doing it elsewhere in the phones. For example, in managing downloaded application, you have go to settings > Application > Manage applications and then manually find the application you want to perform an action on. With FileGo simply clicking Catalog in the bottom right corner brings up a new menu that provides access to:

    -SD Card
    -Musics(*note* this is what the application says)

    Clicking Apps brings up a full list of all of your applications that can be sorted to the same settings as above. You can also filter apps to separate first and third part apps.

    Click Musics or Pictures brings up all files of that kind on one screen and allows you to open them through FileGo itself or through a third part application.

    Hitting Processes brings up a full list of all processes currently running and the ability to close them(similar to what you would find with a task manager).

    FileGo offers a convinient way to access files on your phone while also performing other tasts with ease. In addition to this, it saves space and time by performing the same thing that it would take multiple single applications to do. Instead of going and downloading a separate file manager, application, task manager, etc. you get it all in one place. The application has proven to be very stable on my Sprint HTC Hero and has never forced closed on me. It is free so there is no harm in giving it a go. I can almost guarantee you will enjoy it!


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