Help Files deleting from Music Player

Dec 8, 2010
Okay here's my problem, I hope someone can help. Whe I go to a cetain website to download a ringtone it saves it to my Music Player in my phone. The file saves as File-2.mpga, File-3.mpga, then number 4, 5 and so on. I cannot change the file name, when I download it the file saves as this by default. I can then go into Media player and listen to the ringtone, or select to save as ringtone and it will save it as my ringtone under that file name. However, and here's the problem upon power cycling the handset the file is deleted from my Media Player as well as the ringtones selection in my phone. Why is this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, BBK

Just for the the record it never ask nor gives me an option to save the file on my card, just the option to download, then once in in my media player I can select save as ringtone.