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Filtered/labeled/forward accounts in gmail and android?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Vampyre, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Vampyre

    Vampyre Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 19, 2009
    Ok Here is what I kind of want to do to make life easier. I would like to just log into my main gmail account and see all of my 5 accounts in one place on the computer and on the phone.

    In gmail on the computer I want to forward e-mail from 4 other gmail accounts to my main account. Ive figured out how to set up labels and filters so each account gets there own area with just there emails in it. So the computer gmail is looking and working how I want it to.

    I currently have a BB and every time a e-mail gets forwarded I get a notification on my main account and the 2nd account. A copy of each e-mail is then placed on both accounts. I just want to see the 2nd account e-mail in its own in-box/folder/label and not both. Its currently working how I want it to in the computer gmail.

    I want to keep each account separate how it looks ok on the computer with the in-box as my main and the 4 labeled/filters forward accounts below.

    Is this possible on android? if so how does can you set up different ringers for each account or filter/label? and how to you set it up period :)

    If this all will not work ill just un do the forwarded accounts and go back to separate accounts, its just a pain to check each one as each gets e-mail. Or maybe there is an app for this :p

    Thanks. New to android platform and Im picking up a HTC hero tonight.


  2. lekky

    lekky Lover

    I'm not sure you can do it. I migrated from hotmail to gmail, and forwarded my hotmail to my gmail account. The hotmail emails have their own label and do not show in my main inbox.

    Currently on my hero and the gmail app i can only get notifications when an email arrives into the inbox, so although i can check emails in the "hotmail" label, i don't get notified of them.

    I tend to check the hotmail label occasionally to see if it has anything new in, and generally don't need notifications as they are either old unwanted newletters or spam!

    If i'm wrong and there is a way please correct me (i'd love this feature), but I haven't found a way yet.
  3. AdamG

    AdamG Active Member

    Oct 19, 2009
    As a former BlackBerry user, myself, I continue to be amazed by how powerful my Android Magic is. However, it is still only a cell phone and asking it to do what you want is probably beyond what it can practically do.
    So, from my brief time with Android, these are what I see as your options:

    -If you want status bar alerts of all your new mail, change or make sure your gmail filter does not "archive" or "skip the inbox" of any of the 4 additional accounts you set up. Then, set up a home screen shortcut on your phone for each of the gmail labels you have for each acct, and use the shortcuts as inboxes. You won't get different notifications, sound or visual, for each account, but at least you will know when the new mail arrives.

    -This is the option I use, go to the Android Market and look for a free app called K-9 Mail. I was lucky and just stumbled upon it. Hadn't read much or anything about it previously. K-9 has IMAP idle support, which is extremely BlackBerry-like. It pushes fast to your phone. The thing that's better than BB, is that you can sync and access all your gmail folders. I had 3 IMAP email accounts set up on there and the battery drain was extremely minimal. K-9 also lets you set up sent from aliases, which is something the gmail app doesn't let you do. You can set up your single gmail account with all the accts mixed together, or you might be better off setting up all the accounts individually and changing your gmail app account filter, in gmail desktop, so that all the extra accts are archived when received. That way you can still use the desktop version the way you want and you'll have the emails in All Mail on your phone gmail app in a pinch. Then, you can set up the k-9 to give a different notification sound for each account. Something the HTC Mail app doesn't seem able to do, along with NOT having IMAP idle support.
    I guess k-9 is still in beta but it works amazingly. Only drawbacks are that attachments take a fairly long time to dl, and that the app icon is kinda fugly.
    That's about all i can think of. There are no view 5 email accounts on 1 page apps that I know of.


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