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Finally, a tablet that I like...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by andruoid, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. andruoid

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    I eat my words... my last tablet left me a bit jaded, the A500 did not want to update therefore I had no choice but to root. I have gone through a Playbook, Thrive, 2x Transformers and an A500 over the last couple of months. Having a new device I know I can root/unroot etc but, I shouldnt have to. New updates should come as soon as I login on a new device.

    Out of the above mentioned only the Asus received an update upon first login however, both Transformers I received had build quality issues so they went back. The Playbook had serious wifi issues and only G speeds 'if' you did have a connection. The Thrive, great device but didn't like the thickness after a couple of days. The A500 was near perfect but 3.01 is anicent and would not update at all. Went to the store to get a complete refund but saw the Moto Xoom.

    Guess what, bought the Xoom (cause I'm an Android nutcase) and when I got home, 2 updates installed immediately. Also the Xoom has only 3 apps preinstalled, Citrix Receiver, QuickOfficeHD and MotoPrint, all usefull things unlike the bloat thats installed with the Acer A500 and other models. Build is quality excellent as well. I think I've tried almost everything except the Samsung ...nm, Moto, give me some luck ;-)

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