FINALLY! An alarm app that I like


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I have absolutely hated the way you change the numbers when you set a clock or an alarm on the android system. Even Timer apps have to be set with this ******ed PLUS and MINUS keypress system. I couldn't figure out why someone didn't make an app where you can press numbers like on a calculator or on a microwave to set a time. Can you imagine having to use the android method on your microwave? Finally, someone came out with one that does what I want and the UI is nicer than I have seen. You can set multiple alarms, and even create a group of alarms. The group is for something that happens several times a day like taking a prescription 3 times a day. You can create a group and name it PILLS. Then you can set 3 alarms within the group. There is a free and paid version. From what I can tell the paid version allows you to set "vibrate alert" and "fade in", where as you can't select those in the free version. Those were the only differences I could find between the two.

Its called Tokiko

Alarm Clock Tokiko Free - Android app on AppBrain


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If I open the App drawer, launch the stock Clock app, touch the Alarms button, touch on an alarm to edit it, then touch the Time field to pull up the time chooser, I can touch the number field and it brings up the number pad for entry.