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Finally - app that can manage Galaxy !!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kr.juric, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. kr.juric

    kr.juric Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello, since ALL Galaxy i7500 users are frustrated with lack of support by Samsung for buyer of their not that bad mobile, I also lost faith in NPS and all other so-called manager apps made by Samsung. By pure concedence, my friend asked me to backup his old SE K770 mobile. I downloaded MyPhoneExplorer latest build 1.80, and when started it for the first time it asked me whether I want to connect SE mobile or Android mobile on USB. Well, it works !!! You can edit contacts, messages, call logs, view files... YOu have to enable USB debugging, and have all drivers installed (ADB, modem diag COM port...)

    Once again, program (no program - artwork, gem of human ingenuity) is MyPhoneExplorer 1.80, and can be downloaded from:


    Enjoy and support this man by donating.... :):):)

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  2. bresslau

    bresslau Member

    Well, it kinda works. The phone keeps disconnecting during sync, or so it seems. Therefore, the following hasn't worked for me:

    Contacts (therefore, I couldn't test outlook integration)
    Memory Status

    No big deal here, Contacts and Organizers I manage with Google.

    What works great, though, is:
    SMS management
    Screenshot capture
    Phone call history
    Making and accepting phone calls from PC (still have to test it more thoroughly)
    Monitor (interesting info)
    File management (naming of the memory places a bit odd, though)

    I haven't tried out other features, like backup or image wizard. And skype integration is an option I haven't tested out yet, but obviously very interesting.

    Seems to be a great piece of software, highly recommend if you don't get bothered by the connection problem, which, BTW, might particular to my setup.

  3. kr.juric

    kr.juric Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello, well colleague has a HTC Desire, and for him to work, USB debugging MUST be OFF !!! I also turned it off, and now my Galaxy works either way (I swear, only when I turned on USB debugging Galaxy was recognized by MPEx)...

    Hope this helps..
  4. Naruvam

    Naruvam Well-Known Member

    Tested it and it works great. USB connection doesnt work for me might having some drivers missing i guess but WIFI option works like a charm.
    Tnx great finding :)
  5. PFKaKRL

    PFKaKRL Newbie

    on GNU/Linux we can recieve text messages and phone call alerts from "any" android phones on our destkops/notebooks/netbooks. also the "ddms" can take screenshots easily.

    and with a java client you can use (typing/clicking) your phone with your computer.
  6. nelee

    nelee Newbie

    installed program, turned debugging, conected galaxy,

    my pc showed found new hardware wizard and found drivers installed them and then again instalation finished with eror: this device cannot start (code 10) :mad:

    anybody can help??

    i downloaded about 100mb differrent drivers for galaxy from different tutorials and wesites but no help.

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