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Finally Arabic and Farsi on X10i 2.1 (Confirmed and Tested 100% working)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by scorpion100, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. scorpion100

    scorpion100 Member
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    Hey guys Finally you can enjoy arabic on you Xperia X10i ..

    Tested 100% working you just need to ROOT your device (only works on rooted phones) using superoneclick method

    and then follow these steps one by one:

    First download these files from here


    Dont change anything in those files

    How it will work :-

    after rooting ,You need Root Explorer installed on your phone to carry on these operations:

    1- Copy file [ DroidSansFallback ] to ( system/fonts ) and replace when asked .

    2- then copy these files in this order Step by step :

    A -Copy file [libskiagl.so] to ( system/lib ) and replace .
    B- Copy file [ libwebcore.so ] to ( system/lib ) and replace .
    C- Copy file [ libskia.so ] to ( system/lib ) and replace .

    After this ur X10i will Restart by iteself that is normal .


    Important don't copy all files from ( lib )to ( system/lib ) in one go ,do it step by step as above and in order.
    Credit goes to : Moayed Alali

    Tried and tested by me and all working ok all arabic sites and I can read sms also ..any problems refer to the briliant people in XDA here

    Enjoy :D

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