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Finally done with Boost

Discussion in 'Boost Mobile' started by rootabaga, Nov 27, 2021.

  1. rootabaga

    rootabaga Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I never really signed up with Boost, but became a customer when they acquired Virgin Mobile. I didn’t really have any problems with them, though for some strange reason after using an actual Boost SIM the signal was worse. Plus they didn’t have wireless calling and not even an option for international roaming.

    So yesterday I jumped on Mint Mobile’s Black Friday sale (really just a recapitulation of a deal they’ve had on for a while, pay for three months in advance and get three months free, but before BF you had to get a phone as well) and ordered their service. It was also nice not getting nicked ten or twenty bucks for a SIM, that was free with the order.
    So in a couple of weeks (still have twenty days left of Boost service that’s been paid for) I’ll be a MM customer. Since they piggyback on T-Mobile’s NW I expect better coverage, and the ability to use international roaming is a nice option. WiFi calling/text will also be nice (that at least would have removed some obstacles on a recent trip in Europe).

    Now I just hope that Ryan is in it for the long haul and not just to improve company value and sell it to someone else. ;)

    Hope everyone else is satisfied, but I sure wasn’t. ;)

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  2. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

    Mint mobile was OK but spotty coverage for me. They'll add taxes and any overages to your monthly bill, BTW
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  3. kate

    kate Dreaming of Bugdroid.

    When did you get the new Boost SIM? If it was within the last 10-12 months it was likely their new T-Mobile SIM. The old Boost and Virgin Mobile SIMs used Sprint.
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  4. rootabaga

    rootabaga Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yep, they disclosed all of that (as did boost). For the same data limits I’ll still save almost ten bucks a month over boost…not including the three free months. ;)
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  5. rootabaga

    rootabaga Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Did the cutover process earlier today. Still have poor cellular reception at home, but at least I now have WiFi calling so I can reliably use the phone at home. ;)

    As an added plus, Ryan Reynolds sent me a thank-you text with his home number in case I have any problems.

    * Some parts of this post may not be entirely true… ;)
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