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Finally got fed up with my stock rom and rooted

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by warbux, May 27, 2011.

  1. warbux

    warbux Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm not really sure what this will allow me to do differently, I just couldn't take the lag, crashing, and general broken-ness of my phone, so I installed the EB28 2.2.2 ROM. What is my next course of action? What cool things have I been missing out on that I can now take advantage of, aside from actually using my phone without fear of constant force closing and spontaneous rebooting?

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  2. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    Congrats on rooting and installing the EB28 ROM. You can do wifi tethering, screen shots, NAND backup.

    The first thing I recommend is doing a NAND back up. Go to the customer recovery, and then select "back up / restore" and do a full NAND back up. This will allow you to restore to the exact state of the phone should any problems arise.

    NAND back ups are way more powerful than Titanium back up or any of the other back up methods in the marketplace. I use it to switch ROMs, go back in time, or just to play around with my phones.

  3. scotth501

    scotth501 Newbie

    I did the same thing over the weekend finally. How is yours working? I'm considering going back since I lost GPS completely. I tried every single one of these (except the hardware modification in the last one):
    Finally Fixed My GPS in 2.2
    [TEMP][FIX] Potential GPS fix Froyo. 12/02/10
    Working GPS finally we have it 2.1/2.2
    GPS Troubleshooting Guide - Hardware and Software

    I really don't think I can spare another 4-6 hours fighting with just gps. Unfortunately, it's the only thing that doesn't seem to be working better. At least stock was working, but now I don't see a thing. There was maybe 5 mins where it said it had 4 sats in view, but it never locked and hasn't seen another one since.:mad:
  4. 240phil

    240phil Member

    its funny how different all of our phones are.

    EB28 was the only thing to get my GPS working.

    As for the "cool stuff" it kinda depends on what ROM you are running.

    What ROM did you flash?
    What recovery are you using?
    Have you converted your file system yet?
    did you back up and restore all of your apps or are you starting fresh?
    Have you moved things like games to the SDcard to free up some memory yet?
    Did you do the dalvik cache to cache mod? (it could be built into your ROM, which is why we need to know what ROM you have)

    Beyond that, you just gotta enjoy your knew, very well working phone.
    I've been running EB28 for a while now and I still get a kick out of being able to actually hang up a phone call and immediately go back to what I was doing.

    OH, and did you recalibrate your battery yet? You should be getting significantly better battery life from your stock set up, but until you fully charge, then delete the battery .bin file, the phone is going to make 100% at whatever charge it was at when you flashed the ROM, so you could be cutting yourself short on your "full charge"
  5. scotth501

    scotth501 Newbie

    I used the procedure here (the link recent changed, I guess the server upgrade caused that)
    How To Root Your Samsung Moment (2.2.2 Froyo)
    originally: SDX-Developers Forum - Index

    So, i've got the recovery 3.1.1, eb28 v1.1 and CrapKernel 2.2. When I went to pair my bluetooth in my car, it identified itself as a Samsung Transform. I followed the procedure on that link and did all of the reboots, clearing, etc. I wiped clean and re-installed apps, I've run through different GPS fixes, though I did miss the part on one of them about changing from europe to north america and had to redo that. all of my apps are on the phone still, I haven't reloaded all of them yet since I can't tell if I need to rollback or try a different version/release. I have not done the battery calibration for the same reasons, but I have already noticed the battery seems to be working better. Generally, I'm just not sure what I'm doing with it and I've hesitant since it's my only phone and I don't have a backup or landline to go to.
  6. 240phil

    240phil Member

    that version of EB28 you have is really really basic.

    it was pretty much only intended to be a stepping stone to get you to EB28.

    go back to SDX and flash a full on ROM.
    Won't lie, Keylime is one of my very favorites.

    Flash that (it has the kernal in it) and you'll get all of the "fixes" that are out right now.

    From there, load your apps and all of that.

    I highly suggest flashing the new clockwork recovery before flashing the new rom
    clockwork found here
    clockwork recovery for rfs/ext2/ext4 systems - sdx v0.4

    flash clockwork,
    reboot to recovery,
    flash KeyLime (found here - [NEW UPDATE]KeyLime28 v3.3(5/28)) or any other "full" rom
    reboot to system
    reboot the phone a couple of times, let it totally load each time, you should notice that it loads faster and faster each time.
    load all of your apps.
    reboot to recovery
    convert file system to EXT
    do, system ext2 data and cache ext4 (seems to be the best balance of speed and stability setting them all to ext2 is "supposed" to be faster, and it will get you a higher quadrant score, but I don't know if the performance can actually be noticed, try it and see what you think)

    From there, I'd recalibrate the battery
    test out your gps and see if it is working, then try one gps fix at a time til you get it fixed (you might not need to, mine worked as soon as i flashed the ROM)
    I recommend barnacle for your wifi tether. seems to be much more stable than the built in wifi tether

    beyond that, you should be loving your phone.
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  7. warbux

    warbux Member
    Thread Starter

    I used the exact same guide and ROM/Kernel. I don't know if my GPS works or not as I never use it anymore. Other than that, my phone is significantly faster and more stable than ever, and wifi finally works without having to manually reconnect every 30 seconds. If nothing else, it was worth it just for wifi.

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