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Finally got my Note 2 but....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Fr0stTr0n, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Sadly found some stuck pixels last night while playing and updating the phone. Found em while playing a youtube vid and then ran a screen tester and sure enough, a big black "T right in middle of screen that wouldn't go away.


    Guess LCD technology is still not perfect, God knows how bad this could get with the upcoming 1080p phone screens coming, yikes....:thinking:

    Also after trying the Case Mate case got a deal on from store, I had to return it, it hurt my hands so bad with that dumb rubber strips sticking out into my palms and was just too thick, even come from Note 2

    I guess luckily I found it out so soon rather then after 14 day return policy. My AT&T rep at local store has got one enroute for me next week so I can at least still learn about all Note 2 functions while I wait for my new replacement. Few things iv'e noticed so far in comparison:

    1. Holy crap, the quad core is freaking faster then the Note 1's dual by an insane margin!

    2. I still miss the "wider" screen of the Note 1's 16:10 screen, the 16:9 feels so narrow and smaller and it sucks I now only can do 4 tiles instead of 5. So sad :(

    3. I'm not liking the color scheme of Jelly Beans messenger vs Ice Cream

    4. Is it just me or does the Note 2 take a bit "longer" to power up after hitting the power button?

    5. Samsungs keyboard still sucks, Thank God I got swiftkey 3 for $1.00

    6. Can't really tell differnce between the older pentile Note 1 and Note 2's honestly, doesn't seem as "bright" either even in standard mode

    7. Battery life seems to be longer as indicated by what i've read on the web

    8. Not a fan of the push button home screen, dunno if I can change from loving my capacitive buttons on Note 1


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