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Finally got rooted now I probably bricked it. Can anyone PLEASE help?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jeremy Pierce, Apr 16, 2015.

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    Ok so I have the LG Optimus f60, not f6 but f60. Little did I know that I had just about the hardest phone to root. Well FINALLY I got it done and was SO happy. Well, after a couple of days of playing around with my new toy, somehow in my setting, my "connectivity and share" option was just gone. I no longer could connect to my PC. Well, I could charge mt phone with my PC but no MTI or PTI. I found out with some long researching that I had somehow put files into a hidden folder and locked myself out. Yea, I have NO IDEA. And of course I'm an idiot because I didnt back anything up. Hold on....it gets worse. So in my infinite wisdom I tried to fix the peoblem. Of course, all I did was create more. Finally I remembered I have Lookout Security which has "Lock and Wipe". Wait for it.....I decided (I guess) to lock AND wipe my device as if it was stolen. And of course permission was denied to wipe (thankfully) so I think I got back into my phone...or maybe not. I get taken to my bootscreen and it reads the following....

    [610] fastboot_init( )
    [710] USB init ept 0 Oxffcd000
    [730] udc_start ( )
    [730] -- reset --

    If anyone can help me, I will MUCH appreciate it. Or just be honest and tell me I'm screwed, lol. Thank you

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