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Finally some Closure, on Froyo 2.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by eXsoR, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. eXsoR

    eXsoR Member
    Thread Starter

    Finally new news on the official Android Froyo 2.2 OTA Posted today..

    Check it out: Android 2.2 Froyo FRG01B Updates Hitting Motorola Droid Smartphones Again

    They say update will start on Thursday Night or in the next few days.

    I can't wait because i pushed the update to my phone and had to many problem for me to leave it on my phone. I'm running 2.1 till the OTA comes to my phone.

    UpDate: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/08/11/froyo-update-for-droid-expected-to-finish-by-august-18th/

    Droid life says: Version will releace the final OTA August 18TH!! I really hope it's true..

  2. potatolover1102

    potatolover1102 Android Enthusiast

    Wait why are you excited to get back an update that ruined your phone? I am getting a refurb thanks to that junk update. I want it if they fixed it but not if its the same because that is just pointless imho.
  3. Tispco

    Tispco Lurker

  4. smfoley1

    smfoley1 Android Enthusiast

    I forced 2.2 and I have had no problems at all. Weird how some phones act differently than others. Im quite happy with the update, especially the BT changes
  5. eXsoR

    eXsoR Member
    Thread Starter

  6. eXsoR

    eXsoR Member
    Thread Starter

    :( i really hope it don't mess-up my phone i have only had my phone for 4 months. I will continue to wait for the final OTA version to come out.
  7. MarvinAndroid

    MarvinAndroid Well-Known Member

    I forced the update last week or whenver it came out.. never had any issues. Actually for the most part a lot of things seems to be running a bit faster. There are nice little changes all over the place.. gmail... sms... google talk.. docking app.. all kinds of smal but good changes. Browser seems much faster too.
  8. Apeman

    Apeman Well-Known Member

    I kind of find it funny that most of us that got on phones on release day have had little to no problems.... My Droid is still pushing strong.
    Then again, I have been rooted since it became available. Maybe its good for it's health? Haha.
  9. eXsoR

    eXsoR Member
    Thread Starter

    Lol! maybe
  10. nfluggs

    nfluggs Newbie

    I received the OTA update this morning on my Droid and it has been working fine since. It is the FRG01B build. Don't know when FRG22 will come out to my phone but haven't had any issues yet. It is random though for the OTA update as my wife's Droid has not gotten the update yet and we got them at the same time lol.
  11. eXsoR

    eXsoR Member
    Thread Starter

    Lucky! I have not yet revised mines yet, I'm still waiting. :rolleyes:
  12. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Android Enthusiast


    I have the older Droid with the rounded keys that was heavier and it still does fine on mine...
  13. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    My husband got his yesterday, too. If it works like the 2.1 update, I'll probably get mine Monday. That's how long it took for VZW to get around to me.
  14. eXsoR

    eXsoR Member
    Thread Starter

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