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Finally the X10 otterbox is here

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by luke318is, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. luke318is

    luke318is Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter


    Just what ive been waiting for, the commuter series is badass.

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  2. highaltitude

    highaltitude Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I've been looking for something like this. I ordered the Impact Series, the other one was sold out anyhow.
  3. luke318is

    luke318is Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ya, i had to get the commuter series off ebay, ended up being cheaper too lol. 8 left on ebay!
  4. MrWomble

    MrWomble Android Expert


    what an ugly range of cases

    seriously i'd rather buy a pink dumbphone IMO of course

    just think that with a phone like the X10, designed with excellence in looks, it shouldn't be hidden in a fugly outfit

    seriously, would you dress your baby in lycra from age 6 months lol

    (yes i know, some people will adore these cases, this is, just MY opinion)
  5. highaltitude

    highaltitude Well-Known Member

    well thats the good thing about ebay. I can turn around and sell it again if it sucks. The reason I got one to try out is I had my phone in my front pocket of my shirt the other day and bent over to pick something up, the phone fell out on the concrete floor and got scraped on the side. Luckily the screen didnt break. I prefer the protection and function, not the fashion.
  6. MrWomble

    MrWomble Android Expert


    the downfall of a shirt pocket, my phone NEVER leaves my front trouser pocket at work, inside jacket pocket while travelling, and sleeve pocket when out and about off work

    have chosen one of FlexiShield Skin For Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Black for the times when i may need protection, does offer protection without sacrificing design
  7. AKA_Rizzo

    AKA_Rizzo Member

  8. luke318is

    luke318is Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Im a cable guy, i need the otterbox for the reason it is so popular: Durability.

    They are the best case on the market in my opinion, its not a phone fashion show for me, then again, im not in highschool.

    Yeah, i have a suction cup window mount, fits any size phone. I really like it with a hardwired charger running beside it. I think i got it cheap at future shop/bestbuy.
  9. AKA_Rizzo

    AKA_Rizzo Member

    Since I have not seen one in real life I have a preconceived bias towards universal mounts. Ya know those that have the padded arms on each side.

    I get the impression they're big bulky and down right out of place looking.

    Is this one of those cases where I'm expecting perfection but reality is reality ?
  10. dibberly

    dibberly Android Enthusiast

    that looks great - any case that protects you phone and YOU like it, who cares what other people think.

    Some people perfer a fashion statement (look at my shiney phone, the corners are just so...errr on the edge and the screen is...well at the front)...some people who dont sit behind a desk all day and have it in their velvert lined dust proof draw would perfer something more "robust" and something that does the job!

    good thing about different designs of different cases - there is gonna be one that pleases everyone up to a point.

    Me personally i dont use a case (always do for the first week or so until the novelty wears off), i have an ipod touch screen protector on it. If it gets scratched...its scratched....end of the day its a phone and i dont go round bragging that its scratchless!

    (and i dont have a desk job either!!)

    AKA_Rizzo - you will prob have to get a universal holder that just clamps onto the both sides of the phone.
  11. luke318is

    luke318is Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Rizzo. The mount i have is large, but works great, mind you, im in a shaw cable van.

    The case is the most protective case on the market, its a 3 piece case. Its an otterbox, its not beautiful and shiny. My x10 is taking a beating at work, it wont last another month without the case. I rely heavily on the phone for work. What you can expect from the case is a very good fit, and brains behind it. Otterbox is very popular for iphones, but they traditionally are very bulky, they are claiming the x10 version is less bulky.
  12. AKA_Rizzo

    AKA_Rizzo Member

    Between the Plant and crawling under cars I'd rather have an ugly case on the clock and a nice phone off the clock than waste $5 on some silly silicone sleeve.

    Ok, I'm sold on Otterbox.

    Now to find a brick and mortar store to see some mounts.
  13. AKA_Rizzo

    AKA_Rizzo Member

    Did some Googlin and thought I'd share.

    I have not ever dealt with this place, I am NOT affiliated with this place.

    I am going to order from this place.

    Warranty honored,$17.99 Otterbox Commuter case

    Wholesale otterbox defender case

    Don't BUY!

    I called their telephone number from the site 1-877-otter-15 and the number was not valid.

    If I can't call them I'm not giving out CC info.

    Turns out this was more a warning than a "find".
  14. svetlana1521

    svetlana1521 Guest

    I checked the web site and they have changed their phone number, i called them and they did pick up the phone.
    Otterbox for x10 , i think the web site address is Wholesale otterbox defender case and they have really good prices.
  15. highaltitude

    highaltitude Well-Known Member

    Well, I got my otterbox case today! For a rubber type cover case I really like it. The fit and finish is very good and the shipping was super fast especially with a holiday. I ordered this on the 20th when this thread started and I got it today. Yes, it makes the phone a bit bulkier but I like it so far. It is easy enough to take on and off so no biggie there. I will see how I like the premolded buttons but I may cut them out with a utility knife to expose the real buttons underneath. Not sure yet. The rubber is soft but not "sticky" like silicone cases so hair, fuzz, dust etc doesn't stick to it. It even came with a clear screen protector which I thought was very cool. I have one on my phone, but now I have a spare too. All in all I think for a protective covering it was a good purchase.

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  16. AKA_Rizzo

    AKA_Rizzo Member


    It doesnt look like someone is running 1.6 anymore :D
  17. highaltitude

    highaltitude Well-Known Member

  18. AKA_Rizzo

    AKA_Rizzo Member

    I got what you got too.

    Generic, USA .

    Few bugs. but I like it.

    Oh and I ordered my OB too.

    Waiting sux :D
  19. highaltitude

    highaltitude Well-Known Member

    yeah, the 2.1 seems to run well even if there are bugs I like it. The Otter box seems well made for being a rubber type cover unlike alot of other stuff Ive seen on the market. The silicone cover for my ipod sucked so I took it off, and the one that was on my wifes Iphone used to attract everything and pull hair while on it.
  20. acer38

    acer38 Lurker

    Dose the case come with Belt clip?
  21. AKA_Rizzo

    AKA_Rizzo Member

    I don't believe so.

    In fact, I have been waiting to get mine before I go and search for one. Seems pointless until I can bring it into the store and see how I like the fit.
  22. highaltitude

    highaltitude Well-Known Member

    The one I got did not come with a clip.
  23. luke318is

    luke318is Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Finally got my commuter series otterbox. Took 20 bloody days to clear dumb ass customs. The case is wicked. Highly recomended. Only the defender case comes with a belt clip, and defender is not offered for x10. It is super bulky, but you can literally throw your phone at a wall and it wont break, has a plastic screen shield. Popular at work for iphones. This commuter case is 3 piece and not as bulky or pocket-sticky, as it is made from hard plastic
  24. Smoked

    Smoked Well-Known Member

    Does anyone offer a white case or a completely clear one? I got the white phone because it looks sharp and original....last thing I want to do is cover it in black :)

    I have a soft silicone cover i got off ebay for a buck in white but I wouldn't mind a nice hard cover as well.

  25. highaltitude

    highaltitude Well-Known Member

    Intersting, I guess thats the difference between the models. Mine is not hard plastic, but of a rubber. Not silicone though. Not sticky and very well made for the phone.

    Would be nice if they offered a white one. Not sure what your options are Smoked. GL
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