Over the last couple of months I've watched as somebody was installing a new cell tower at the end of my street. I've always have had a great network signal over the last 3 years with Virgin, but since getting an S3 1 1/2 years ago, I would only get a 3g data connection. Seeing the tower going up I said to myself, maybe a 4g LTE upgrade ???

Well last week I noticed my phone had really a louse network connection (only 1 bar). I did a PRL update, but it didn't help. On Sunday, I powered up my phone and noticed before it switched to my local router, a 4gLTE icon and a great network connection. Yep we now have a 4g connection at my house. Its even faster than my router.

Woot Woot :D


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Good to hear :)

They usually test and optimize the towers for awhile after upgrading so the signal might go in and out.