Nov 14, 2009
Todd Mission, TX
I've been using this expense/budget app for years. I noticed I was getting back-up errors re drop box, which I don't usually use, so I went poking around to see what was going on. It wouldn't back up to Google Drive or Drop Box, so I went to Play Store to get an email address to contact the developer (as suggested by the Google error note).

It's gone. Not listed on the Play Store and not even included in "installed apps" on my phone.

My only clue is languages listed are English & Russian. Is it possible Play Store took it down because of a Russian based developer? I know that sounds really "out there", but it's not been that long ago it updated. Why would it just disappear? I've searched to see if there's any mention of it being removed, but can't find anything. There are still active links to it on Play Store, but they return a "not found"-type page. Anyone know anything?