Help "Find Contacts" doesn't find contacts

When using the search, only some contacts appear; many which fit the search criteria do not show.

Having scanned the forums, here's a list of what I've tried - with no luck:

  1. Verified the display settings are set to 'all contacts' (ie not just 'starred' or 'my contacts')
  2. Checked the contacts are actually on the phone. If I just scroll, I find them no problem. For the record, I've 1000+ contacts synch'd with Google Contacts. Searching within the browser-based Google Contacts finds them all no problem.
  3. Cleared all cache and data from the Contacts and Contacts Storage apps and then re-synch'd with Google Contacts.
  4. Checked that it's not simply contacts without phone numbers are not appearing in search.
WhatsApp is the only non-generic app used: no other 3rd party call or contacts apps or SIM-based, Google+ etc contacts are in use.

Hey, although I can live with this problem, any insights'd be welcome. Thanks for reading.

El Presidente

Beware The Milky Pirate!
I was adamant there was an option to display only contacts with a phone number, but I can't see it. :eek:

Are you using the phones generic search function, or the search function within the people app?

Don R KerrBab

Thread starter
Thks for the reply EP... Specifically the search function within the people app itself.

The app's 'homepage' says '1433 contacts' but when I use search icon, it only seems to find abt 233 of them.

Don R KerrBab

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Like your thinking and whilst I haven't installed Contacts+, the compose function in the Gmail app picks up all searched contacts (at least, those with a email address) which People/Contacts just doesn't.

I guess I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything obvious. I can live with it... might give Contacts+ a spin ....

Do you reckon it'd be worthwhile to submit a formal report/request somewhere like ?