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Find Out How You Can Extend Honor 5X Battery Life Effectively!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Honor, Mar 10, 2016.

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    The Honor 5X comes built in with a large 3,000 mAh battery and a integrated power-saving technology within EMUI called the Smart Power Manager 3.0 that allows it to have a long battery life compared to other smartphones. With a foundation such as this and its related features, the Honor 5X in your hands is able to do more.

    If you feel that your battery drains quickly, there are some tips you can employ to ensure that your 5X lasts even longer.

    Under normal day-to-day usage, selecting Smart Power Saving is recommended for everyone. To save more power, you should close apps that are not in use, as leaving them running on the background will drain the battery quicker.

    Guidance: Tap the square button on the navigation bar to clean up some or all the apps running in the background.
    Power saving and cleaning up apps running in the background are the most basic requirements for power saving. If you will like to further reduce power consumption and extend battery life, the following contents will be useful to you.

    As the display uses the most battery, reducing the screen brightness and setting it under the automatic brightness setting, as well as reducing the sleep duration time will improve battery life.

    Guidance: Under Display, deactivate Auto-rotate screen to reduce the use of gravity sensor.
    At the same time, shorten the time for Sleep when there is no operation, and change Brightness to Automatic brightness will also reduce power consumption. Power consumption will be reduced if the above three criteria are achieved. In addition, Display network speed will also increase power consumption and deactivate it if needed.

    By default the EMUI system will set your Wi-Fi network settings on during sleep, but by setting this to your usage preference, the user will be able to improve battery life.

    Guidance: Under WLAN Advanced settings you can choose "Only when plugged in".
    If high-speed network is not necessary, the users can only select 2G in network mode.

    Audio plays a part too. Under Sound, by switching the necessary alert tones like vibration in the navigation bar will consume more power in the background. Location services can also be switched off as this will consume more power as it searches for your location constantly.

    Guidance: Under Sound settings, you can disable"Vibrate on Touch", and change the "Location Mode" to battery saving under the Location Access.
    You can also select the low power consumption mode through WLAN or data traffic. Activate GPS when there is need for navigation.

    Protected Apps and features like Automatic Startup during Power On can be set up on your preferential needs. The less protected apps, the more power can be saved.


    To conclude, you can compare what I have mentioned with your current Honor 5X settings and change the settings in order to enjoy long battery life ahead!


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