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Finding an effectiv day/life planning app, calendar?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by HarrietScan, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. HarrietScan

    HarrietScan Lurker
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    I could really use some help finding the app I'm looking for (if it exists), I've tried searching but I mostly just en up confused... I'm completely new to all this, and I think I know too little to wade through the information and specific language. That's where you (hopefully) come in!

    My problem: I have Asperger's, and while I'm quite high functioning in some aspects my executive functions (I'm not sure I'm translating this correctly - I'm finding some holes in my English knowledge I wasn't aware were there - but what I'm talking about is the part of your brain that makes you actually do something) are very weak. I manage with the help of my dog (who can tell me to do basic things like get up, go to bed, go for a walk, eat, and so on, but can't be trained to do the more advanced things like telling me to pay my bills or talk to my mother;)) and simple lists, as well as alarms on my old phone and a calendar on my computer - the computer is great but requires that I'm active on it for me to get the alert message.

    What I'm looking for: these new "computer type phones" (told you I'm new to all this:eek:) seem to have the potential to actually organize my entire life on, and tell me when to get on with what. I would very, very much like to find an app that would let me function more "normally".
    *I want something which will sound alarms for daily recurring things (like getting up, going to bed, etc), weekly recurring things (grocery shopping for example), monthly (bills!), and so on. As well as non-recurring things, naturally.
    *I would very much like it to be able to sound different sounding alarms for different tasks, or perhaps even better if it can gather several tasks into groups and have an alarm for each group (like a "chores" group: cleaning, washing, taking out trash; a "life" group": getting up, going to bed, eating; a "dog" group: feeding, training, walking, meeting the trainer; and so on, with a specific sound to signal each group, so I can form associations to the sounds and it will help me function more automatically).
    *I would like it to tell me if it is a momentary task (like "get up", once I'm up it's over) or a lengthy task (like "go for a walk", that will block out an hour or so).
    *If it could also let me set different priorities for different tasks (and perhaps even groups) that would be very useful, as I can find a conflicting schedule very confusing. So if I have a recurring task with a low priority every day at 10 ("go for a walk"), and one day I have a one time thing of a high priority between 9 and 11 ("cousin's christening") then the low priority task won't sound an alarm? And conversely, I could schedule tasks into other tasks by giving a higher priority, interrupting the task I'm doing (for instance setting up short training sessions "inside" a one-hour walk).

    So, what do you say? Is this something I can find out there? There seems to be apps for nearly everything - which is a big part in the problem I'm having in searching through it all, there's so much! If there isn't one thing to do it all, are there perhaps a couple I could combine?

    Thank you very much for any help you can give me!

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  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Well the calendar can actually do all this, all you have to do is set an alarm for everything (like end walk, etc). AnyDo is the app I use generally for reminders though. Its pretty easy to use. Can also do most of what you ask for. Although generally, what I'd advise you as a medical student is to stop living alone. If you have relatives, or a house keeper you can trust to see you, or a personal assistant, that would be better than any app (unless of course in your country things like those cost a lot).

    Or maybe these assistant type apps can help:
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  3. HarrietScan

    HarrietScan Lurker
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    Thank you for your fast reply!

    I must have failed to examine the calender well, as I haven't found a way to choose different sounds, categorize into groups or use priorities. I'll take a closer look, thank you. It's great to hear that what I need is actually already on the phone!

    As for your suggestion that I live with relatives or use assistants, thank you for that as well. I don't want to turn this into a discussion about my handicap - as it is presumably very off topic in a discussion forum such as this - but I'll answer briefly. Another aspect of my dysfunction, other than my lacking executive functions, is severe social impairment. Interacting with other people is highly stressful and confusing for me, and while I have lived with others in the past it's far preferable (for all involved, I believe) that I manage to control my life with as little assistance from others as possible. In addition I am after all an intelligent adult - albeit with some impairments of varying degrees - and wish to be self sufficient as much as I can manage.:)

    Hopefully, once I've figured out how to use the calendar correctly, I'll manage much better and with much greater ease. :)
  4. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Another app that you can also use in conjunction with the calendar app is Any.Do. I'm not sure if it syncs with the calendar, but it is an amazing little app with a lot of great features to help keep you reminded of daily activities.

    Any.Do ToDo List & Task List

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