finding Mobile IP info in service programming?


So, I have an Eris activated on alltel, I've had it activated on alltel for over 5 months now... doing this was easy... even in OS 2.1

I had to get an Alltel PRL file.. (this activates the phone to alltel's network switching it from verizon)

I dialed ##PRL, told it to program to the alltel.prl file on the sd card...

Called alltel and gave them the ESN, dialed *228, .. activated.

Went to ##PST (service programming menu) and went to SECURITY, changed the to, etc... wah-la, full 3G and 1x data working perfectly

... FULLLLLLy working on the alltel network, the only crippled feature is MMS.. no worky. So, alltel just released the Hero (same one sprit has ), figured I could use the free app APN Backup/restore on the hero in the alltel store, snag the APN file (contains the mms settings for alltel), put it on my phone, restored the APN... all of the alltel values show up in the Messaging app's connection settings as they should BUT... MMS still fails to send ... weird?.. yes, other people on have tried this that have the eris activated on alltel. I'm beginning to think that maybe there is missing Mobile IP activation data missing in the programming of our eris's that MMS communication relies on... now, to get that information off of a Alltel activated HERO is tough because as far as I can tell, there isn't a built in PST to get to the hero's activation service menu's ... is there an alternative way to do this quickly without having to lug my laptop into the alltel store and borrow one of there heros for a hour fidgeting with PC PST software... ? Is it possible to install the PST app that is in the eris's rom ?...

Anyone that could help with this is appreciated :)

thank you..

Reason why I am posting in this section...

Is there someone in this neck of the forums that can tell me