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Finding my SD Card on Droid via desktop & putting pix on it???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CatB, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. CatB

    CatB Member
    Thread Starter

    Hoping someone can answer a few questions for me - bit of a newbie, here, so bear with me:

    1) when I plug my Droid into my dekstop via USB, I am trying to find my SD card and can't. Can someone let me know what it would be named so I can find it?

    2) I am trying to drag and drop a few pix from my desktop onto my Droid. Would like them to be stored on my SD Card, NOT main memory. What I have noticed is that only my pictures taken with my Droid camera seem to be stored on my memory card but I would like all pictures and all documents, etc to be stored on my memory card. Can someone walk me through the process of doing this?

    Thanks so much - greatly appreciate the help!


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  2. First, are you sure you are in Disk Drive mode? With USB connected, pull down the notificaiton bar, and hit disk drive.

    Second, once you are in disk drive mode, it should pop up in windows, allowing you to open the drive. If it doesnt, just go to My Computer like you would with any flash drive, and open the new drive.

    Umm, just open the drive in windows, and drag and drop whatever files you want onto the drive.
  3. CatB

    CatB Member
    Thread Starter

    Yup, in Mount as Disk Drive mode. When i do so, window pops up saying "Removable Disc G" and I am choosing "open folder to view files", then when I do that, I see all the things on my Droid, but do not see SD card. Could it be under one of these many other headings (DCIM, Android, etc)? There are about 15 or so of them.

    Also, since you have knowledge of this stuff, is there a way to:

    1) make sure all things (or most) go on SD card and

    2) take pix and other things (music) that are not on SD card and put them on there?

    Thanks so much for helping me out :)
  4. Jethro10

    Jethro10 Well-Known Member

    You are infact looking at the SD card here. You can't get into the main phone memory via the USB lead.
    And your right, there is a mess of scary directories that look like main system directories.

    Just put your files in a folder where you want.
    Media is a common folder, inside media, there there may be sub folders for Audio, Pictures, Video etc.
  5. That is the SD card. Your camera pictures are in the DCIM folder. When you want to put files on the card, you can put them anywhere, but its easiest for organization to put them in one folder, like make a Media folder and put them all in there.

    As long as you are dragging and dropping into that window, they will go to the sd card.

    Again, just drag and drop the files onto the card.
  6. CatB

    CatB Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok, sitlet and Jethro- so what you are both saying is all the files I am seeing (.android_secure, thumbnails, DCIM, plus many more), these are ALL on my SD card and what I am looking at are the full contents of my SD card?

    I am used to connecting a Windows Mobile device and having them be separate. Why is this not the case with a Droid?

    Also, something else odd that maybe one of you could explain: when I connect my Droid, I am actually seeing two removeable disc drives (F and G). They both disappear when I unplug my Droid. The F drive seems to have fewer things on it than the G. Any idea why 2 are showing and they both disappear when I unplug my Droid?

    Thanks to both of you for helping me out :)
  7. CatB

    CatB Member
    Thread Starter

    Can anyone help me figure out why I am seeing 2 drives when I connect my Droid via USB to my laptop, as described in the previous post?
  8. sk9412

    sk9412 Lurker

    G1 not connecting to computer I have bought a G1 from a friend and he has only given a USB cable. I have tried connecting the phone to my computer (Windows 7) but its not coming up in My Computer. The computer makes a noise when the USB is connected but no Autoplay window opens up and nothing is there on the phone to access the phone. I have tried using different cables and the same things.....

    I found it in under Devices and Printer but it is called Android Phone and when I right click it the only options are Create Shortcut, Troubleshoot and Properties so I can't go in to the phone. I have gone through Properties and updated the driver but still nothing and I can't get in......

    Please could you help urgently because I want to access my phone through the computer. Also, I am running on Android 1.6 so no roots on the phone and I have recently Factory reset it when I got the phone..............

    [Also, I just tried uninstalling and installing the device again....it didn't pop up in My Computer but again in Devices and Printer but this time it had an option for Browse Files but it says Removable Disk (G:) but I can't click it....what should I do...............?!]

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