Mar 31, 2022
As well as using the Pixel 6 fingerprint scanner to open my phone, I had two app (LastPass and Toyota apps) that had a biometric in their apps that allowed me to open them using the phone's fingerprint scanner info. When I tried yesterday, neither app will open using their fingerprint biometric (while the phone still opens using the fingerprint scanner). My last update was March 5th and the app sign-on was working after the update. Does anyone have any idea how to remedy this situation?
Are you able to disable and re-enable biometric authentication within those apps?

Have you added or removed any additional fingerprints lately? Doing so will invalidate every app's access to the biometric data so you'd need to re-enable it within each app.
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Has your fingerprint changed?

Nope, fingerprints stayed the same. All of my registered fingerprints still open my phone but the apps opening have stopped working. I even cleared all my FP and reentered them anew. I then signed in to the apps, turned on each app's biometrics, and no luck.