Fingerprint doesn't work on all apps


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So, I used to have the pixel 4. That one didn't have a fingerprint sensor but used face recognition. That phone did the same thing. I would open an app. It would prompt for a password and my password manager would offer to fill it but then prompt and it would want to verify my face. It would fail over and over so then I'd then go into my password manager and authenticate with my face and it worked.

This pixel 5 some apps, my fingerprint fails authentication when trying to pull the password from my password manager. But then I go into my password manager directly which always prompts for my fingerprint and it works everytime...

I keep unique passwords for each site. But copying my passwords to the clipboard weakens security.


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Sounds like it may be a problem in the interaction between the app and the password manager. Can you tell us what apps and what password manager? That might help someone say whether this is a problem they see as well.

I've sometimes had awkward interactions between some browsers and my password manager, but playing today it's all been working fine with the exception of one ancient browser which didn't communicate the URI to the password manager, which unfortunately meant I couldn't reproduce the problem. This is with a Pixel 2, Android 11, Bitwarden plus multiple browsers.


I have never had a problem with my fingerprint and Google Pay. I don't even open the app, I just put my finger on the sensor and hold the phone near the magic thingie.

That's the only experience I have, other than using my finger to prove that I am who is authorized to do something.

Works every time.