Mar 22, 2016
In Settings, after I respond to the PASSWORD request (which I presume must mean PIN) and fingerprint scanning causes the phone to vibrate, when I return to the previous screen it reports that FINGERPRINT It is not set. I have tried many times to get it working. What am I not doing right?
Hi, sorry I'm late in my reply.
The operation to set the Fingerprint Lock takes quite a few minutes. You are first required to set either a Pattern, PIN or Password. This is essential to be able to unlock the phone if your Fingerprint is not detected. When you are told to place your finger in the detector on the back. Then your finger print is shown on screen, you will feel a vibration - remove your finger - then place it back in the same place - another vibration - and you keep doing that and following the onscreen instructions until you see a large Check mark (Tick) on the screen.
This operation will take quite a few minutes as the whirls on your finger are recorded in several sequences. the final operation before the big tick is to move your finger around in the detector to enable full recognition of your fingerprint.
Hope this helps as I did this when I first bought my phone and thought that one placement of my finger was all that was needed. WRONG!!!
The instructions above will enable the Fingerprint Lock to be set correctly.

Further clarification:

When the phone goes to SLEEP, the fingerprint lock will open the phone for you.
If the phone is switched OFF ( Powered down) and you Power the phone on again, you need to use the PIN, Password or Image you created to UNLOCK the phone.
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