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Fingerprint unlock occasionaly vanishes

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bodestone, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Bodestone

    Bodestone Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    A slightly odd one here.
    On my Note 8 the iris unlock would be invalidated and a pin needed if the phone had not been unlocked for a certain time.

    On the 10 the on screen finger sensor goes away on occacsion so I need to use the pin and I cannot track down why. Sometimes it had been less than 15 minutes since last using the phone.

    I can go weeks without this happening and then it can happen once or twice a day for a couple of days.
    App usage is pretty constant and I can't think of a single app I have opened, or used differently when behaviour changes.

    As I say, It's rare and doesn't really bother me that much but wanted to reach out and see if anyone has experienced similar. Also it may help others if they experience it to a more disruptive level.

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    once in a blue moon it will happen to me. i mean like once in a few weeks to even a month when it happens. it is not something that really bothers me. and it is random so i can't pinpoint the reason.
  3. marctronixx


    never had this happen at all. what are your power settings?
  4. Bodestone

    Bodestone Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Power saving Optimised rather than aggressive.
    Reboot once a week which I do understand requires a PIN on next login. There is no evidence that a reboot has occurred when this happens off schedule.

    Instances of reverting to PIN required happen at various battery levels, not just low. As I say, it is not common. It does not overly vex me, but when I spot oddities I get curious.
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  5. marctronixx


    turn off power saving profile and test. ive had no issue with the fingerprint sensor - its possible its service is being suspended in the background after X minutes of inactivity. unlocked note 10+.
  6. Bodestone

    Bodestone Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    That will almost certainly not be the issue and cannot be fairly tested as I have gone 2 months low to high battery without it occuring. I'd have to go a year without it to be sure. A couple of times it happened I checked battery was within 80%, app usage was low, the phone had been idle for 15 minutes or so and there was little open in the history of apps.

    I am leaning more towards app interaction, popups allowed when locked and overlays. I'll be remembering if I have let banking apps time out for example that might trip a higher security mode.

    Today I pinned down some odd behaviour. I have the Medical ID app. It allows a bar on the login screen that on double tap shows your meds and allows calling of an emergency contact without phone login. I also use Next SMS that gives me an on screen popup quick reply to texts regardless of screen lock/app I am in.
    When I get a text while AOD is on the Medical ID bar then persists to the AOD screen rather than just the login screen. I have to open the phone and re-lock.
    I have discounted this combination as being responsible for the reset to PIN login given events around the time it has happened. It just highlights how app interaction can mess with the lock/AOD screens.
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  7. marctronixx


    its possible also some rogue app is causing your issue.

    the bottom line is there is something local to YOUR device causing your issue and trying radically different things to rule thigns out is a good first step. if you feel confident changing your battery profile won't make a difference, then its time to start eliminating apps.

    as mentioned ive not had your issue and i've had the note 10+ since launch.
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  8. Bodestone

    Bodestone Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Given that the behaviour has baeen experienced by at least one other person I don't believe it is somthing limited to MYYYYYY device.

    Also, from a testing perspective trying radically different things at first is a bad idea. If you change 6 things and it works how do you know which one (or combination of) fixed it? What has been broken by disabling the orther stuff?

    My plan for this is just to try and remember the most recent active apps when it does go wrong. Observation rather than kneejerk reaction
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  9. marctronixx


    no worries mate and not trying to argue with you. hope you find a solution.
  10. J_Hansen

    J_Hansen Well-Known Member

    I have had it happen a few times since the January update I think it was, first it wouldn't work at all and I had to redo the fingerprints, then after that it has happened occasionally that it just downright refuses to recognise the fingerprint and I need to use the pin.
    Like you, there's no pattern in it, I think it is a random security thing.
    Face unlock works 95% of the time or more.
  11. Bodestone

    Bodestone Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    It is not that the print is not recognised but that the option to use it is not there as is the case after a reboot.
  12. J_Hansen

    J_Hansen Well-Known Member

    Ok, that sounds strange, I do remember a similar issue with a previous Note version but can't remember which one.

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