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Fire TV Stick Voice's Menu not fully functioning?

Discussion in 'Amazon Fire TV' started by flycaster1, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. flycaster1

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    Amazon Fire TV Stick Voice. When placing cursor on a Kodi video addon (for example,) and pressing Menu, either nothing happens or maybe I'll get just "Information." In other words, the expected commands that should come up with pressing Menu while cursor is on an app within video-addons, don't appear. Also, when in File Manager, selecting a source and clicking Menu, does nothing...can't edit source. And, when watching a movie, Menu doesn't bring up the bottom appearing "control" part that allows one to Stop, choose subtitles, etc. However, Menu does work in conjunction with other buttons to control zoom in/out. All other buttons seems to be working correctly. I d have the latest update to Firestick.

    I finally stumbled upon the solution. The Menu button functions properly AFTER 3 clicks. Whereas, before this issue arose (recently,) only one click was needed to get a proper response. Amazon firestick tech has just told me that one click never worked???

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