Firebase authentication succeeds and yet doesn't work


Hello, I've ran into this problem today and it drives me nuts, any help would be appreciated.

I'm using Firebase authentication with email and password, the user is created and appears in the Firebase console, but FirebaseAuth.getCurrentUser() as well as task.getResult().getUser() returns some Default user and not the one just created.

I've checked the currentUser immediately after registering a new user, after registering and moving to a different fragment, after putting the app in the background, after killing and restarting the app, after using firebase sign in method...

Everything seemingly works otherswise, the firebase methods (sign in and register with email and password) result success and as I said the user shows up on the firebase console.

I tried deleting the Firebase project and creating a new on for the app, it didn't help.

There's nothing in the logcat whatsoever that indicates something is going wrong in the process. The only firebase related logs I see after registering\logging in are:
2021-10-01 18:48:44.409 11933-11977/ D/FirebaseAuth: Notifying id token listeners about user ( Ap5hU8qtQdcTdO4KwQbqA3xxrvV2).
2021-10-01 18:48:44.410 11933-11977/ D/FirebaseAuth:Notifying auth state listeners about user (Ap5hU8qtQdcTdO4KwQbqA3xxrvV2 ).
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