Help Firefox Icon on Lockscreen After Uninstall

Hi I recently uninstalled firefox from my phone, but shortly after noticed that there is an android icon with firefox as it's label on my lock screen. The icon only unlocks the screen, Is there any way to set this back to the stock android or possibly chrome? Thanks.
The lockscreen icons are linked to the shortcuts you have on your homescreen dock (that's the bottom row of the screen, which by default has phone, people, messaging, and camera).

Sounds like the Firefox icon wasn't properly removed from your dock, so just replace it with another app/shortcut and this new app/shortcut will show up on the lockscreen.

Hope that works.


Hi, if your using a different launcher other than stock, for example nova launcher, the dock icon will need to be changed in the stock launcher. Hope that helps.

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Thanks I totally didn't think of this, with me using Apex launcher I assumed that the dock icons would override those left on sense. :)