Help firmware ....worth upgrading ? advice


I got my sgs2 from voda so i assume its branded says BUKE1....kies has no upgrades but it is apparent people have ke2 and ke7 so what are the benefits and should i root and upgrade etc.....dont care about warranty etc but i dont want to brick my phone etc so bit worried should i do it

So far phone has been immense ....battery isnt the best but gave me hours of.constant browsing yesterday etc

Any help appreciated


I'm with vodafone too. I was also wondering what are the benefits of upgrading to this latest firmware, no one seems to know what it actually is that is improved apart from the auto-brightness feature? (and mine appears to be working fine).

I've changed firmware on a HTC Hero and the advantages were obvious but i'm not sure what you gain with this?


Hi guys,

I've rooted my vodafone galaxy s II but am still told I can't update the firmware, are there any further steps required?



thanks! exactly what i was looking for.
i think it's strange that Sammy doesn't have change logs, though
change logs seem to be a dying breed... so many patches/firmwares/updates are released for games/computers/phones with no change logs. shame really. it doesn't take a genius to write a few lines of text.

Anyway, KE7 will give you...

new music hub icon lol
better battery life
it'll get rid of all your vodafone bloatware
your total available ram jumps from 834mb to 837mb
somehow my phone uses less ram now as well, which is handy
and it feels nippier.

I also rooted it and froze a few apps I'll never use so the last point might be down to that. It's worth it though, you're not losing anything, maybe 5 minutes of your time. I recommend going KE7.

EDIT: Just realised that you're probs not on Vodafone... but it'll get rid of any bloatware for you... nice stock samsung firmware. spot on :)